Zuckerberg’s business model is ‘stuffed’ after Australian news ban

Social commentator Prue MacSween says Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg “thinks he’s invincible”, but the ban on Australian news will leave his business …


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21 thoughts on “Zuckerberg’s business model is ‘stuffed’ after Australian news ban

  1. the internet is nothing like what the hobbyists like me wanted in the 1990`s it has been taken over just for money, facebook is worth nothing to me as it can dissapear just as fast as it arrived, we should all gather all our personal information and add it all to an ebook, we can then sue the companies later for using our data from the day we have copyrighted and added our own data as our own Intellectual Property

  2. Zuckerberg sells to the highest bidder. Now Biden and Kamala need China because they have private investments which they have to defend even if they sink the world. Australia to fine him with billions, and that money is used for the recovery of government funds.

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