Why you should take a break: Prioritizing mental health in schools | Hailey Hardcastle | TEDxSalem

While not everyone has a diagnosed mental illness, every person has their own mental health with unique needs and challenges. It is time that we extend the …


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48 thoughts on “Why you should take a break: Prioritizing mental health in schools | Hailey Hardcastle | TEDxSalem

  1. I work 7 days a week, ten hours a day and am in the dissertation phase of a doctorate. After a month or so of grinding like this, I begin to hate the world and everything and everyone in it. When I get to this point, it’s time to take a break for mental health.

  2. I went to a small elementary school and then my parents homeschooled us for 5 years. Best years of my life. 🖤 Later I wanted to try public high school so I went in and got straight A’s….until the stress and unrealistic expectations of school caught up with me and I started slipping bad. I finished my last 2 years at home and I don’t regret it one bit.

    Home schooling is possible even if you don’t have a lot of money you guys. My mom taught all 6 of us. The library is free. If you’re able, please consider. (Colleges love home schoolers btw.) Go read ‘The Call of the Wild and Free’ by Ainsley Arment!

  3. I find myself in a situation almost exactly the same as hers when she was younger. By the age of just 5-6 I was having horrible thoughts of death and existentialism. I was what you would call a “pessimistic nihilist.” I had horrible anxiety issues when that started, and I never realized what it was. Then when I was 7 my clinical depression started. I would fantasize about killing myself. Even going as far as to choke myself, in hopes that it would work as a placeholder for a noose. I of course didn’t know that it was physically impossible to kill myself with those means. When I turned 11 I finally started to accept that I wasn’t okay, and eventually I was able to tell people about it. I’m not currently suicidal anymore, which is a plus, but depression has instead affected my motivation 1000-fold. It’s insane. To the untrained eye everyone would think I was lazy, but in reality I was just depressed and unmotivated. It was almost impossible to get out of bed, and doing actual schoolwork was 100 times worse. It has gotten to the point where I’ll go days, or even weeks without doing any sort of schoolwork because it’s so hard. It’s like a steel wall preventing me from just sitting down and starting on getting things done. I absolutely love school. I love learning, but it’s so hard. When I do eventually get motivation to do things, I can only get maybe 4-5 things done before I reach my limit. I wish everyone, including me, had caught on before it got to this point but now I have way too long of a road to getting back to normal.

  4. also, if needed, a mental health month or even year is absolutly okay too! You should learn to priotize mental health just like you do physical. Of course education is important but if you feel stuck or burned out, you need to act before it is too late to do so!

  5. I am training to become a school adjustment counselor and this is exactly what I want to be doing in schools! I want to teach socio-emotional skills as preventative measures for kids and help them build their toolbox from a young age.

  6. And then there is my school which is basically like "if u can't keep ur life together and are overwhelmed, you should stop coming here because it is to hard for you" and instead of take a mental health day / break they go like "stop being so extra, do it or leave it, psych is something that doesn't belong in school"
    Like I love my school but I hate their thinking about mental issues and how they not even try to handle it or help in any way.

  7. I love the Ted-talks. They educate things as common sense of which I thought that I was alone with this understanding. I did not know for example how valid my feeling of being mentally coroded might be. Thank you, Ted-x

    Ps. Her surname is just the best! 😄

  8. I’m very inspired by this. I will research the mental health laws for students In my state and see if I can do anything. North Carolina puts a lot of pressure on their students to do well which becomes extremely stressful and overwhelming.

  9. Recently my school has become so controlling they won’t let us take holidays even if our parents call in eventually they’ll somehow force us to come to school. recently a girl came to the principle begging her to let her go home as she hadn’t slept all night and was extremely overworked instead of realizing the girls situation the principle stating screaming at her for her saying that she should be able to manage her studies. This girl is a really good student there fore to improve there reputation the girl along with many other grade a students are being forced to study extra and give extra exams were all broken and devastated at the situation.

  10. those were the key words Empathy and Honesty, realize this every single moment, never scared to open your mind. is okay to be You, be real. don't fake it, to make it. what we need is more love, and life, and happiness! ❤️

  11. Such an important message. I had a lot of mental health issues as a kid, teen and still now. I'm lucky to be able to work for myself now so taking mental health days isn't a problem because I know I need them to keep going. Having them recorded in school and referring to therapists is such a brilliant idea, I hope it rolls out worldwide.

  12. It is great to see how young adults trying to address problems of school students especially teenagers. I don't know if this is the right platform or not but; I and my friends here in Vadodara, Gujarat conduct what we call a "teenage workshop" in various schools. We address issues like Social anxiety, Addiction, Importance of Non-Academic activities, Hormonal changes during teenage and share our experiences with them.

  13. Breaks increase productivity and creativity. Working for long stretches without breaks leads to stress and exhaustion. Taking breaks refreshes the mind, replenishes your mental resources, and helps you become more creative.

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