Who will win the Relationship Quiz?!? | Shay Mitchell

Valentine’s Day, Schmalentine’s Day. Why drink wine and eat chocolate when you can put each other on the spot with a relationship quiz? I decided to put our history to the test. Find out how many tattoos I have, the weirdest thing I do, my pregnancy cravings and my favorite movie while figuring out who really knows more about whom.

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Hi! I’m Shay Mitchell, but you may know me as Emily, Peach, or Stella! Oh, or it’s possible that you may also know me as the CBO + Founder of BÉIS and Co-founder of Onda. Or as Atlas’s mom. Or as a pizza fanatic. Whatever you know me as I’m Shay, and this is my YouTube. Join me for my favorite recipes, beauty collabs with my friends + a behind the scenes (and screen) look at my life.

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