What went into the planning of the military strike on Syria?

Strikes on Syria were precise and focused on three specific targets; Heritage Foundation visiting fellow Steve Bucci shares insight about the preparation process. FOX News Channel (FNC) is…


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What went into the planning of the military strike on Syria?

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  1. More missile americam come syria many american get poor not job ix ix ix
    My advice is to american zionist sent missile tomahawk attack to syria so United States becomes poor ok

    Ix ix ix ix

    All american people pay tax to missile tomohawk ix ix ix..
    See now china making product use by human making job
    American making weapons pay by american tax pay dont have jobs
    So poor american now ok

  2. This guy literally has a Russian accent you fox news are traitors i have been warning you americans your president is not on your side the enemy is in the house and YOU gave him power REPENT REPENT for the return is near you are living in an illusion it is time to wake up and fight for what is right i condemn all of you who know and yet sit back and say NOTHING God Christ the Avatar will return with great wrath for he will avenge the blood of the saint's the innocents and the righteous and return balance to the world O Israel how you have contaminated yourself you have turned into a big bully instead of representing the personality of God in the eyes of the nations REPENT and look for God's nature get out of your ego and return to the heart woe to those who sip from the cup of God's wrath who could hide run or escape from the all seeing and all knowing blind child when will you understand and believe in my existence do you tell yourself to be born? Who from the dead commanded their heart beat to stop? For only I give and take away life you can run as far as long and as fast as you want but i will find you for you are flesh my spirit will not dwell in man forever and surely death will find you and you will face me once again as you have many many times i am the Lord the supreme Almighty i am Love joy peace and i am powerful but those who provoke my anger will surely call me the devil i will bring justice and balance for all of my children including the animals you have taken for granted and consumed as if i haven't abundantly gave you every seed fruit vegetable and herbs the grows from this Earth those who interrupt the evolutionary process of the journey of my children souls dwell in hell forever.(i have reposted this message for the fear of God the spirit will not leave me alone i must Warn wether you accept or neglect the message.)

  3. Russian Ministry of Defense:

    – 103 missiles + guided air bombs and air-to-surface missiles were used;
    – 71 missiles intercepted;
    – the impact was reflected by the old Syrian air defense weapons – S-125, S-200, Buk, Kvadrat, Osa;
    – Duvalla airfield – 4 missiles, all shot down;
    – Dumeir airfield – 12 missiles, all shot down;
    – Bley airfield – 18 missiles, all shot down;
    – Shayrat airfield – 12 missiles, all shot down;
    – unused Mezze airfield – 5 missiles were shot down;
    – Homs airfield – 13 of 13 missiles were destroyed, no serious damage;
    – objects in the Barz and Jaramani area – 30 missiles, 7 shot down;
    – none of missiles in the zone of Russian air defense was included, Russian air defense was not used.

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