We Opened Our Marriage After My Husband Transitioned | MY TRANS LIFE

SUBSCRIBE to Barcroft TV: A FATHER and husband has now become a mother and wife after transitioning from male to female and having …


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We Opened Our Marriage After My Husband Transitioned | MY TRANS LIFE

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  1. He’s selfish. His wife is clearly unhappy and he wants her to stick around so he could have the best of both worlds. I hope she opens her eyes and moves on. Good luck.

  2. I normally don't comment on Trans stories but the look on Shoko's face is excruciating….she is not happy & needs to live her own life. God bless to all but set Shoko free – feel utterly sorry for her xxxx

  3. Soko needs to leave she isn’t in love with soko it breaks my heart she wants a man she doesn’t want soko. Open relationship but ur looking for a man. Ur not looking for a female only male cause ur attracted to only men. I wish soko leaves n find her happiness someone who loves her n wants her heart body n soul.

  4. How DARE people comment on how they feel?! Don’t you have any dignity?! Shut up already! They are inspiring as a working family cell and seems more balanced than most of the people I see at the grocery store, for eff sake….

  5. A close friend of mine transitioned and the hardest part was worrying about what other people thought. Thankfully people were kind to him … now her. Would be terrible being stuck in the wrong body.

  6. I support transgender people 100% but i feel so sorry for Shoko. She is not happy about her wife wanting an open relationship. If you want to try dating men, it's not fair to drag Shoko around just encase you can't find someone better.

  7. In the photo at 1:11 the black eye is on her right eye. The rest of the time it’s on her left eye —pretty strange. I took a screen shot. Why does she have black eyes? Is she being abused?

  8. Completely selfish and disrespectful on his part. She needs to leave and find her own happiness. This is the first transition story I have seen that actually makes me angry.

  9. What a selfish thing to do to your family. How do they have so much time and energy to obsess over this. When I have free time I just want to watch random YouTube stuff lol.

  10. First older generation trans woman who actually sounds really feminine she must of had really good vocal training it's great to see how well the surgeries change someone to who they authentically are. Happy for them

  11. …I don't see this type of open relationship working. Like her wife doesn't even look like she's into the idea. Even at the she's pretty much breaking up with her but then takes it back.

  12. Shoko gave her heart to a man thinking he will always protect her to only be fooled by him. Not only that but he's now giving her away to other men like is no problem. You made a promise to her and you broke it now it's all about your liberation but you don't know how much your family will suffer.

  13. That poor wife. Typical selfish man. Might have transitioned but your are still a selfish man. 100,000 dollars could have bought them better life. Also, you shouldn't be forcing men on your wife who married you. Sometimes we just gotta stuck it up in life for the people we love. 7:35 she looks so much happier than 2:53.

  14. I feel like the trans partner is very selfish and self absorbed. I feel sorry for shoko….she seems to be so selfless…sad

  15. This hurts my heart. Maybe I'm old fashion; I'm all about being in a relationship that consists of 2 people!! Whether it's the opposite or same sex!! The fact that it’s an open relationship that includes a man coming into it made me question Natalie's overall sexuality. Maybe she wanted to be in a relationship with a man since the beginning or questioned her sexuality in between their marriage & never had the complete openness to tell her wife at the time?? Who knows… Overall I hope they are genuinely happy.

  16. You can tell the wife is unhappy. She just goes along with the open marriage because she loves the man. And the man just doesnt want it to look any sort of way so he decides on an open marriage. Deep down he just wants to be with men. Im sure the wife feels like shes competing with the man being a woman now..

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