We Changed Our Name! 'Barcroft TV' Is Now 'Truly'

Barcroft TV has changed its name to Truly! The Truly channel is the home of exclusive documentaries that’ll open your eyes to hidden worlds, extreme lifestyles …


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30 thoughts on “We Changed Our Name! 'Barcroft TV' Is Now 'Truly'

  1. I love this channel and i am addicted to it but i don't like the fact you have hidden the like and dislike numbers. This channel is inspiring and can teach to embrace and accept and love the differences and this has nothing to do with "hiding" but with "exhibiting".Don't prioritize the judgement or the interests!

  2. I Know everybody has their own opinions, but everyone needs to be kind if they like the new name or not. In my opinion I like the new name 🙂
    Please don’t hate, it’s just a name and it’s my opinion, also if you want to comment please say things nice 🥺🥺

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