Waste is food – VPRO documentary – 2007


The waste we discard does not disappear. That is impossible, because the Earth is a closed system. Our waste only seems invisible because we dilute it with …


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  1. Hello!
    We hope you enjoy tonight’s documentary. Don’t forget to use the caption in order to see your subtitles.
    Next Sunday we will publish a very interesting documentary about the financial brain of London City.
    A study of adrenaline, testosterone, addiction, and the magic of big money.

    See you next Sunday!

  2. DELIVER THE POOR AND NEEDY :rid them out of the hand of the Wicked. They know not, neither will they understand, they walk on in darkness: all the foundations of the earth are out of course…. The earth also is defiled under the inhabitants thereof,,because they have transgressed the law, changed the ordinance, broken the everlasting covenant…. Therefore hath the curse devoured the earth, the book of Hosea chapter 4 verse 1. Verse 2.. The book of Roman chapter 8 verse 22.. The book of zephaniah chapter 3 verse 1… The book of isaiah chapter 28 verse 8….

  3. The Herman miller guy tore off the foam of the armrest..lol. the executives have so little knowledge of their products and get all the money and fame but the real people who knows the product in and out are never rewarded..capitalism at it's best.

  4. Benefit of hindsight – what happened to all these ideas? Are they out there?

    This documentary is now 12 years old and the scale of waste – of plastic waste that is never recycled – has skyrocketed.

    The problem has got worse, so I can only assume these ideas are either still in fruition, are too 'expensive' for manufacturers or the fossil fuel industry has lobbied against them – successfully.

    It is estimated that as little as 10% of plastic is recycled. The rest ends up in the environment, either burned, in landfill or in the oceans, in animals, in the air, in the water, in us.

  5. The fundamental error that was made here was in his last few sentences. He really believes that a democracy promotes more effective and timely change than a more dogmatic system of social government . Everything proves exactly the opposite .

  6. It surprises me that this very informative and well done documentary has received only 40k views as of 3/2019. Even more disappointing is that anyone would thumbs down. While ridiculous channels receive millions of views it just goes to show how people are clueless as to how fast we are destroying our one and only earth.

  7. Both the consuming public and major manufacturers need to watch this doc. Consumers should be demanding conscientious manufacturing practices, ecologically friendly products, and manufacturers should be looking at sensible practices that reduce energy demands and waste. This was a thoughtful doc. Thank you!

  8. I want to believe it — really do. But does (for instance) a 'green' roof on a factory require a plastic liner covering the whole area under it?

  9. Notice the workers in the Chinese Nike plant all wearing heavy coats while working….obvious no heat work environment…Nike are frauds…they always maintain profit margin at their work force expense. A $5 dollar shoe selling for 200$…they operate plants that do not have American standards or regulations…

  10. Hello. My name is Mike, from Thailand. I have a favor to ask.

    I am going to attend short film competition. And this video was striking my heart.

    Can I take some parts of the footage in my short film, please? My film would be a lot better with it.

    Thank You so much

  11. they are onto something.. it has to make economic sense and in a lot of instances it does.
    the sustainable branding is too much about virtue signaling these days; turning forests into biofuel farms, the whole green energy certificate scam, climate summit goals that we applaud ourselves on but meanwhile the main issues are still out of control..
    thanks to these guys the industrialists will enthusiastically get on board and we have a multi layered approach !

  12. jaque fresco former utopian, this is awesome not original but its in motion thats the best change in our generation good on the world

  13. China has more than 10 cities with no one living inside them, total economic downturn or disastrous planning ?? constructed, erected and ready to move in, yet the industrial labor or public never rolled in …

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