Wall St Media Manipulates Polls To Push Biden — The Political Vigilante

Graham breaks down a new poll and how the media manipulates the data. Tour Dates: http://www.grahamelwood.com Donate HERE …


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Wall St Media Manipulates Polls To Push Biden — The Political Vigilante

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  1. If ANYONE was actually “excited “ about Biden, he would be doing rallies. He’s unpopular and not leading anything, which is why he isn’t doing any.

  2. I'm 74, a woman and I've never been polled. Bernie/Tulsi or Tulsi/Bernie. And I NEVER vote by what the polls say for exactly the reasons that Graham is showing.

  3. Thanks for bringing out the nuggets of TRUTH in this extraordinarily biased hit piece against Bernie, Graham! BTW: So sorry to have missed you & Ron in New York — I had every intention to be there — and YES, as a Latina Gen-XR, from Harlem, I can vouch for the diversity of your audience! Hope to catch The PCT, someday SOON!! 🍎✌🇵🇷

  4. Hey Graham Elwood, I get you man. As does everyone else. But there's a reason why they say "of Voters poled.". When you're on your tour, and you get those polls from your audiance, please do me a favor and do another poll to find out, out of all who responded to your poll in the first place, how many actually ran for political office themselves. How many put themselves out to be analized from top to bottom. Hell actuall, fuck that shit; How many actually helped out a party or voted themselves. Viva!

  5. I'm not sure why anyone gives a shit about polling at this point. It's obviously a corrupt feedback system. Polling started way back during FDR's time, and since it has clearly become a bribed, infiltrated, tainted process that is used in excess for black/white/grey propaganda. People will vote for one candidate because they are 'more popular,' not vote for their specific ingroup candidate because 'they might lose,' or even think, as in the 2016 election, 'there probably isn't even a point in voting because it's going to be a landslide for the opposition.' You should vote for who you should represent the best interests of you and the American people, here and abroad- the end. Voting for actors doesn't cut it- and I hate to break it to you all- but Bernie Sanders is an actor. He delivers a sweaty sermon, pretends he's some old jewish Fidel Castro minus the guerrillas, and it's just not true. He's a Neoliberal Warhawk who platforms on divisive, strikebreaker identity politics. If you aren't convinced, just search Ryan Dawson's video clip 'Bernie Sanders Woodshed Re-Upload.' He does a quick summary of the facts of Bernies career- his voting record. Then think about how 'progressive' you think that man is. That being said- Tulsi 2020. End tech censorship, defend independent journalism, pardon Assange/Manning, and drive a stake into the heart of the proxy-paramilitary terror of our national security state.

  6. I predict MSNBC's next amazing hero will be Corey Booker. So far it's been Kamala Harris, Pandering Pete, Biden and now Warren+Pandering Pete.

  7. This was a good video. Sounds like Graham could use some assistance. I'm not qualified but maybe there is another that could help so he doesn't have to do this stuff himself.

  8. Who's to say that they even did those polls, they might as well just be making numbers up.
    Statistic is the only part of Mathematics that is used to lie, and its done when lot of crucial information is left out of the poll figures.

  9. I'm looking to Tulsi Gabbard. She's progressive, a woman and younger than the other progressive candidates. I will consider Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, but I really want a younger president.

  10. Bernie and Warren are self-desrructing. Forgiving all student loans? Really? A huge Christmas present to a specific group of people. Many own homes and BMW's, and just carry the debt because the interest rate is favorable. With candidates as goofy as Sanders and Warren, many are probably giving serious thought to defaulting on their student loans believing that they'll be forgiven and servicing them is a waste of money. They have lost their minds.

  11. The oligarchs and corporate establishment own the MSM and most polls. You can read 'em like a comic book or bad movie.

    They deliberately oversample voters over 50 years old who tend to favor Biden and under sample voters under 50 who favor Bernie.

  12. Polls are controlled by corporate interests, little wonder the results favour corporate politicians. Manipulation of the political process by the corporate elites, and their mainstream media, is all they have to blind people to reality and prevent the collapse of a rigged economy i.e. corporate capitalism.

  13. I am a 66 yr. old white man in Arizona and love your podcasts. I agree with you on everything. You don't tell me what to think, you tell everyone what people like me think.

  14. More than 2/3 of old white people will vote for Bernie Sanders. 90% of independents will vote for Bernie Sanders. 90% of democrats under 40 will vote for Bernie Sanders. Joe who?

  15. Dems want Trump re-elcted.
    Their owners don't want a progressive in office, so they'll push Biden, even knowing that it could end like it did in 2016.

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