Venezuelan military will realize Maduro’s time is up: Mike Pompeo

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo discusses the problems surrounding disputed Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro’s administration and the Americans being …


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Venezuelan military will realize Maduro’s time is up: Mike Pompeo

Comments 46

  1. Marxism is a failure, and Maduro's regime is corrupt & incompetent. AND, the US regime-change operation is wrong. There is no good actor in this bloody drama.

  2. This stupid bimbo doesn’t know shit about what’s really happening in Venezuela. Why she doesn’t say that her country is the author of that humanitarian crisis, the one who has overthrown sovereign countries. The US don’t give a shit about the people in Venezuela. They are creating this mess. And by sending medicine and food it is just another tactic how to manipulate people’s mind. People will blame the government for the lack of food and medicine but what they don’t know is that is a demon (the US ) behind all this plan. That stupid bimbo should be doing porn better, and use her mouth to suck a big dick instead.

  3. That’s all a show. Those are bandits doing all the shits!
    That hospital settings is so fake!
    Go and watch “Videoteca Del Contragolpe” or “Topete GLZ “ page on Facebook and you will see the real side of Venezuela!

  4. I read over 20 minutes the comments messages on this video over 730 messages I never see a pro message in all this from all read. I hope someone in this news channel can read them and see how is perception on their news ! So poor and fake news

  5. The aid was deliver by army. And suppose to enter in Venezuela with army. Of course they send the army at the border …very logic. Why they don’t send the aid with UN. Because they offer this service and they are the one entitled to do that ! UN request the aid to come to them and they will make the delivery but seems in some transports are guns. So they aid with guns? Stop this cheap propaganda. The USA have freeze assets 20 billions USD around the world with their sanctions ….UK don’t give the gold back 1,2 billions USD value. PDVS it’s block to do business in oil with sanctions. Lost of 34 million USA per day. So to you think Maduro is looking at an aid of 20 millions USD ? That’s just bread crumbs in comparison with what they need to get back the Venezuelan government ( their own belongings of their country which are stuck abroad ). What a hypocrisy in FOX news … wonder they are like a Fox 🦊 now ! Propaganda !

  6. Funny thing is that I don't think in 21st century this type of tactics will work. Because there are already competitors out there, first tack them down then it may work.

  7. RT is the most de best TV channels in the world…. this channel are full of Propoganda…they had been one of the TV channel who have made many destruction around the world……

  8. The cat really came out of the bag during the Syrian debacle. It is now clear that "humanitarian aid" means anything but. Bombs and other weapons are all they ever send. On a side note, have you noticed how different news networks deliver the same message to their audiences but shape it differently? For example… CNN, MSNBC, CBS and similar networks tell their viewers that Maduro must step down because he isn't "democratic" and doesn't care about "human rights". Meanwhile, Fox and other similar networks tell their viewers that Maduro must step down because he's a "socialist" who has destroyed the economy, even though he's a nationalist and a Christian.

    Different networks, different audiences, same core message.

  9. I would like to see all of you commenting here that live in a socialistic crystal tower to live in Venezuela for 5 minutes and then express your views here with criteria.

  10. When you speak as if your country is very clean as if your country did nothing wrong in venezuelan government.but you one of root cause why people in venezuela suffers more because we know what your country sanctions right and left of government asset and you pretend to be a hero??for what we knew already what kind of animal is your country.a greedy a hungry dog that feed all the earth wealth resources.

  11. What a joke. After they imposed sanctions against them, now they're sending aid. If you really care about the venezuelans people just lift the sanctions. It's easy like that.

  12. Tell the whole story ,the Venezuelan people are suffering because of the U.S. sanctions.
    The United States want to rob Venezuela of their natural resources.

  13. So is this the whole petrol 💵 thing all over again? We gonna have a new Libya all over again? Seems to me a very oppressive move by USA they really don't care about the people they just want something their way.

  14. Am I the only want who see these people lying, come on guys these guys are ACTORS, just lift the sanctions and accept different points of views in live.

  15. Free education , free healthcare, green new deal and 70% tax rate for millionaires are the best way forward for USA. Venezuela issue is their heavy reliance on oil export. And incompetent public management by nationalising all the industries, their crony government isn't strong enough to fight USA sanction. So the vultures are circling .

  16. "Venezuelan military will realize Maduro’s time is up: Mike Pompeo"

    Hows that Regime Change being working out for you Pompeo and Interventionists?
    I clearly remember that same phrase about Assad military and yet the opposite happened.

    America wants the oil in Venezuela nothing more. They want a puppet in power whom will be easily controlled.

  17. ..clean your own House… ..the world knows a wolf in sheepskin..greed before dignity.. Iraq..Libya..Afghanistan.. Venezuela….these have all rich oil deposits…stinks..

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