Validity of the Bible & Steelmanning | John | Panama City, FL | Atheist Experience 22.44

The Atheist Experience 22.44 November 4, 2018 with Matt Dillahunty & Don Baker. Parenting Beyond Belief with Clare Wuellner, Dale McGowan, & Kendall …


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Validity of the Bible & Steelmanning | John | Panama City, FL | Atheist Experience 22.44

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  1. I want to be sandwhiched by Andrea and David White while we watch a marathon of pureflix! The bible says not to spill seed so we would be extra careful where it goes!

  2. The places in the illiad were all real places. Does that mean that Satyrs, Dryads, Zeus, and Centaurs are real because there are real people and places in that book?

  3. Really Matt? Really? You claimed to have been a christian? That is not possible. You became an atheist sir because you do not have the indwelling Holy Spirit to teach you in all areas of truth when you made a Futile attempt to understand the bible, so you simply walked away from it ! So to make up for your total lack of spiritual discernment, you run to the the atheist philosophers of the world who are total reprobates like yourself.

  4. John 8: 43 Jesus says " Why do you not understand what I am saying? It is because you can not hear my word! In other words Matt you are a spiritually dead person. Your atheist mind can not hear or understand anything associated with spiritual truth!

  5. At the 7:04 mark of the video you made the most honest statement you have ever made Matt! "I am confused" Yes you are hopelessly confused and so is the guy sitting next to you!You have yet to prove Christ's statements false! And do you know why? Because your secular mind can not understand the truth of what He teaches in the New Testament!

  6. Paul never mentioned a physical Jesus. Josephus was the closest non-Christian historian to being contemporary to Jesus that supposedly said anything about him and he wrote almost 40 years after Jesus supposedly died and everything he said about him was either forged or added by scribal errors

  7. Matt is correct. There is NO bearded man in the sky helping football teams win games. There IS however, a bearded man in the sky who helps basketball teams win games.

    (It’s my attempt at humor…)

  8. Luke 6:26 Jesus says "Woe to those that are praised by the crowds" Woe to the staff at the atheist experience that are praised by their subscribers! Golly gee whiz! There goes Jesus again making a accurate statement. For a person who never existed He seems to be spot on every time!( right arrlen?))

  9. It’s 100% true. It depends how one reads it.
    One will find an error in the statement “mustard seed – the smallest of seeds” of takes it literally.
    But if this is a figure of speech to convey a notion of smallness then its true.

    Atheists tend to look at the Bible in such a way that it is proven wrong.

    We look at it as it is and what it means.

  10. Not relevant but ive reminded christians that are sending prayers to the victims of the shooting at the synagogue, that they are praying to a god to help those people, that committed an act of terrorism in a jewish synagogue

  11. Ac 2:44, "All the believers were together and had everything in common" Read also 45, 46. So, the earliest believers were communists. So seemed to be also James in Jas 2:6. But as far as i can detect, much of the clergy is even against socialism now let alone any justice.

    God still undecided what kind of hell to make: Real, with real fires; put in China, Russia, a mosque…..? But that kind of hell would burn us out in hours or even in minutes, but only if God makes us fleshy again. How about he making a supernatural hell; with supernatural flames? Then, of course, we could burn forever; whether we would be fleshy or spiritual.
    But will Satan also be thrown into a supernatural or a spiritual hell? Since he's already supernatural and God lets him remain in that of a 'form', Satan would for sure burn there forever. But what if god turns him into flesh? Will God also burn Jesus? Because he broke too many commands. Jesus was angry, insulting, doubting, etc. But he also failed in his mission to bring God's chosen [Israelites] back to Him. And that is one of the sins that are unforgivable. But Jesus also told a big lie: He said he'd be back in a jiffy. So, God already burnt him?

  12. Stories like the miracles of the new testament are being created even today. The are "Prophets" coming up of and on (Joseph Smith, William Branham, Mohammad). They all have stories of miracles that can't be verified.
    The old testament, however, can mostly be misinterpretation of the actual event (Noah's ark could have been a flood during a meltwater pulse of the last glacial meltdown) or a mythical interpretation of actual events/processes (Adam & Eve did come from the "birth place of humanity")

  13. All the statements that Jesus made in the New Testament are true and accurate statements. Jesus never once contradicted Himself or lied to any one! Jesus once said what does a man profit if he gains the whole world but loses his soul? It seems that Matt has gained a whole world of Ignorant philosophies but will lose his soul by denying the very person who said that which is Jesus Himself!

  14. There is no such a thing as a christian? Really Don? A true follower of Jesus Christ is called a Christian Don! There are cultural christians who are christians in name only then there are true BORN-AGAIN christians that are walking in the Spirit!

  15. Hit you with some other stuff? Really Don? You are hit with the truth every day and you simply deny it! During Jesu's public ministry He was seen and heard by tens of thousands of people! Really Don? I guess those people who saw Jesus in Person thought that He was only a HOLOGRAM! REALLY? HA HA HA HA

  16. Matt that F— word that you just used Proves Jesus point! You have filthy lanuage in your thought life that comes out in your speech! Wow! Jesus has you pegged to a tee!

  17. Of course Jesus exists Jesus says in Matt 15:19 For out of the heart proceed evil thoughts, murders, adulteries ,fornications, thefts, false witness , blasphemies. These are the things that defile a man. So it would appear that Jesus is 100% accurate in His statement because Matt has blasphemies in his thought life that defile him as an atheist!

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