Travel Tips, Tricks, and Strategies | (for the Philippines)


VisitingThePhilippines #TipaAndTricks #MeetingYourFilipina #Travel Tips, Tricks, and Strategies (for the Philippines) How to travel the Philippines What do I …


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  2. After careful watching long introductory statement I understand that Pea has a tasty pie… 😋 The best advice if I understood her correctly is to visit the Philippines and taste only her pie not others girls pies. She asure us that she knows better then them other Filipinas how to satisfy foreign man taste. I think this is some food and travel channel now. Ok you convinced me! When I will be there I can try your pie 😜. See you soon then 😁

  3. Okay Pea, so with me being overweight and coming to the Islands from a cold climate state, instead of the jeans/slacks, heavy shirts and light jacket, maybe I could just wear a bright orange thong and matching pasties?,,,,,,Sorry, I had to ask,,,,,lmao

  4. Okay, so, say I'm coming to actually see the Philippines as an actual tourist, not a sexcation, and you did touch on it lightly, is there known to you or your friends an tourist guide/translator service that is both reliable and honest, I'd really like to not have my translator tell the bartender "this short fat hairy sasquatch wants to have a cold beer and some pretzels" when I just asked for a beer?

  5. I heard that if I come to the philippines and land in the manila airport that I would be hit hard by homeless people trying to get money or food I even heard hookers do that to not sure if that true or not I dont mind helping the homeless I just dont like the stampeed ifyou know what I mean

  6. Download grab app, ding app, And agoda app before leaving. Whe u land u can normally buy a sim before leaving the airport. Get it and if u wanna top up ur phone and dont wanna get scammed the. The ding app is best. I use grab because I can pay for it on my phone and no money is exchanged. This way they won't try to scamm u. The agoda app has a great selection of hotels and great online deals and u can often again pay online. I like this so you wont get the skimming off the top and also you can see what other thinks of the hotels.

    Flights I'll use skyscanner to buy the flights. From there I would rent a scooter if u can ride a motorcycle. I wouldn't try learning in those streets, ur important things I would keep them actually at the hotel and see the city pretty light. Most hotels got a security officer who's armed and the hotel dont mess with ur room if it's a budget place. Cards and what not I would again leave in your room. If I was u and need to take a card out with u… I'll use a prepaid linked to ur main account. It's better to quickly dump the prepaid card cash into ur main account then having ur main card stolen and now ur fucked. Be budget wise. Dont drop 10k on a woman u haven't been with in person for only a few days. And if u wanna meet more then one yes it's better to pay for her rt ticket and best to lie that when she leaves u will be going home the next day or later that night the redeye flight. So later u can get girl number 2-5 to come in and wash rinse and repeat. U can use again agoda app to change hotels if ur paranoid if she will check up on u. Now for food I will get a food panda, both grab and food panda works to order food but food panda u can pay for the food with the app.

  7. If i were to travel somewhere like the Philippines or anywhere else, sure a big city would be nice to start in but i would love to see the real deal, the rural places, would be a great experience, not to mention the food aswell 🙂