Travel Tips for Costa Rica 🇨🇷 for the BEST Vacation 🏖 in Costa Rica STRESS FREE 2021

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49 thoughts on “Travel Tips for Costa Rica 🇨🇷 for the BEST Vacation 🏖 in Costa Rica STRESS FREE 2021

  1. I want the ugly. This woman that I have had casual relations with has a home in Jaco. She wants me to visit. I am not sure. I don't want to go through all of the travel BS. Also have never been to CR. I know that it's not cheap and there are many scams. Is it worth the hassle I don't know.

  2. Very cool necklace hehe I been watching you from day 1 when you started making videos. So happy you’re making more… keep making please and update us on how it socially is now after lockdown and economic change …

  3. Are you guys aware of what spices can be grown in CR? We are looking to have a small farm, so any help about what spices we can grow there would be helpful.

  4. Tip your servers…feel obligated… you should tip. Im an ex pat also and Ive been living in Costa Rica for 10 years. I own a resort here now. You know damn well the local people here work like slaves and make no money. They rely on tourist dollars and tips to feed their kids. Why would you tell tourists not to tip your neighbors dude??

  5. I can't believe in 2020 people thinking Costa Rica is an island… I mean c'on… we are not in the 90's anymore. Google Maps shows you the entire world. By the way: we costarricans don't like red cab taxi drivers either hahaha!! we use Uber 🙂 Great video!

  6. Avoid the ATMs and Banks on pay days. typically on Fridays. The lineups are long on those days. ATMs may run out of money while you are waiting in line.
    In San Jose, the ATMs (of major banks) inside hotels and casinos are good options on pay days and at night time.
    Exchanging money at major casinos is a good option too, find out what the exchange rate is beforehand. But for large amounts, I would only go to a bank. Never at the airport exchange places unless you want lose have the money.
    Some ATMs may only give you small amounts (100K colones etc). Try other bank ATMs or even other locations.
    AT night time, most ATMs will dispense much less than the daytime for security reasons.

  7. Michael Allen I am not sure how relevant this is because it may vary on the place, but I took Uber at SJO and it was half the price of a taxi. Hooray for me right? I got to save a few bucks, but the Uber driver did not have a sticker on his winsheild and I was told beforehand if you take an Uber don’t let people know. The guy driving the Uber seemed to indicate that it is a somewhat frowned upon service, not sure if it’s illegal, but the taxi driver get very angry. So I would suggest proceed with caution.

  8. ✨Your videos are so entertaining, loved watching this one! So autentic and genuine, the vibes of the channel always puts us in such a great mood. It comes through that you love what you're doing 😊👏 We create videos as well, you're welcome on our channel! Subscribe for more 🤙

  9. I live here in the Central Valley 6 months each year. Most useful tips, ever! And your shout-out to the Netflix "My Octopus Teacher"…the best I have seen in forever!

  10. I own a house on the Nicoya Penninsula and during dry season, you normally don't have much for bugs. Normally on the beach at night, wear bug spray.
    We always over pack. Normally only wear minimal cloths.

  11. I'm costa rican and yes taxis sucks they will try to get more money even you are local, but if you don't have choice you can use waze or google maps to check the way road and tell him can you follow this way? Another thing the legal price is a bit more of $1 per km

  12. Excellent info! Bugs don’t like me even in rainy season I have never brought bug spray to CR I just stand next to people they like better lol. But if you come to northern Ontario bring lots lol.

  13. by the way i hate taxistas as well and have gotten in huge fights as they are always tryin to ripp you off,always say "maria"which is put on the metter.ive lost girlfreinds who thought i was crazy for not letting taxis ripp me off and just taking it.they hate confrintation here and yelling too."NO GRITAS"

  14. Good advice just want to add don’t leave valuables in your car there is a lot of petty crime and they will smash your window.Don’t leave stuff at the beach unattended,don’t wear jewelry expensive watches etc put your wallet in your front pocket and don’t walk around while talking on your expensive cell phone in San Jose! So if you drink buy your liquor at the duty free at baggage claim your allowed up to 7 bottles remember there is a duty and value added tax on everything that’s imported.Eat at local restaurants you can get a good meal w beverage for about 5 bucks.The American fast food restaurants Pizza Hut McDonald’s even Tony Roma’s Olive Garden etc are more expensive because ingredients are imported.

  15. Good advice just want to add never leave valuables in plain sight in your rental car by the beach hot springs where ever,there is a lot of petty crime and most likely they will smash your window.If you drink get your liquor at the duty free by the baggage claim on your way out big savings.So also be street wise especially in San Jose don’t wear jewelry,don’t put your wallet in your back pocket,don’t walk around talking on your expensive cell phone watch your camera.It’s X Mas time 25% of people are out of work, there are more desperate people and more beggars than I have seen since in 20 years be careful.

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