Top Ten Most Annoying Bosses


I had a lot of fun doing this one. I notice I’m more entertaining when I’m negative towards something, so you’ll see more of that from me from now on.


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  1. I remember watching this video back in 2010. I was just about to get into High School, now i'm 23 and only 2 years from getting my Masters in History. This was a fun Nostalgia trip.

  2. I know this is an old list, but one boss I personally thought was annoying was the final boss of Fossil Fighters Champions, Zongazonga. Zongazonga is immensely powerful, with him having the highest attack, next to T-Rex, and he has two supporting Vivosaurs that can decrease all your stats by 77%, basically making it impossible to attack with your main damage dealer in the front of your party, so you have to rely on your supporting Vivosaurs to attack. The thing that is annoying though, if his team isn't beat within 3 turns, then his supporting Vivosaurs will revive to full health, making the fight drag on longer. The fight is fun, but good lord is it annoying

  3. I know this came out long before this game, but I feel I should mention one particular boss that I found extremely annoying: Mad Dummy from Undertale! While he's not that difficult in the beginning, as his minions are basically just thowing cotton balls at you, once he brings out his magic missles, all of a sudden, you'd have to consider yourself lucky if you're even able to dodge them all (let alone trick them into hitting him) because they basically chase you around the arena! And don't even get me started on his Final Attack! I died so many times to that attack the first time I played this game that I lost my DETERMINATION to keep trying and deemed the entire game unfit for beginners! Oddly enough, I changed my mind on that fact after defeating Omega Flowey (I suffered the same problem, but then figured out that I don't have to move my hand to Enter in order to hit the ACT button during the soul battles; Z works just as well)! But seriously, even though I was able to beat him the first time on my second playthough, if they weren't both Pacifist runs, I would've gladly killed this guy so I could move on and not deal with him, but because he's a ghost, you don't have that option! And while Muffet might be technically worse (I don't actually know, as I was actually smart enough to do this), but she at least lets you pass if you buy a spider doughnut or cider in the Ruins, hold onto it until you get to her battle, and then use it in front of her at the start of her battle! With Mad Dummy, you don't get that luxury unless you're on Genocide!

  4. I know I’m way late to the party, but if you ever by any chance make a remake of this video, I think the Behemoth from Kingdom Hearts 1 should be included, mostly because he’s the Kingdom Hearts equivalent of Orochi from Okami (I hope I spelled that right). Mostly because you fight him like 4 TIMES. I wouldn’t say he’s number 1 material, but he’s still irritating in my opinion.

  5. adamantortoise is even more annoying in ff15 in-game, it took 3 days to beat without that BS with the ring, and you have to do it in one go or else it gets all it's health back, he may not have as much health, but the defense this thing has is off the charts and has almost no weakness other then the summons(titan) and the royal arms, but it's so worth it since you get a equip that instaboost one character to the max amount of health you can have

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