41 thoughts on “Top 20 Teen Movies of All Time

  1. Mean Girls is an extremely memorable and enjoyable teen movie, but The Breakfast Club perfectly encapsulates the teenage experience which is what a teen movie should do, in my opinion. Also, I wish Dead Poets Society was here, but I can just cry in silence about that

  2. what a girl wants not another teen movie monte carlo never been kissed chrissa stands strong the clique talk about other movies missed sisterhood of the travelling pants clueless mean girls grease she's the man sydeny white got missed the notebook all great movies but awesome chick flick marathon

  3. I'm the biggest fan of new era teenage movies and if you are too I've got a month package for y'all, they may not be in sequence but i swear they all are the best. If you want more suggestions do not hesitate. Here you go,
    1: project x
    2: good kids
    3: dope
    4: she's the man
    5: its a boy girl thing
    6: 17 again
    7: prom, fuck the prom
    8: edge of seventeen
    9: easy A
    10: accepted
    11: expelled
    12: the outcasts
    13: the duff
    14: status update
    15: fired up
    16: fun size
    17: the to do list
    18: the perfect date
    19: after
    20: love simon
    21: the first time
    22: me, earl and the dying girl
    23: the kissing booth
    24: to all the boys I've loved before
    25: love, rosie
    26: the kings of summer
    27: the way, way back
    28: struck by lightening
    29: greek charming
    30: adventure land

  4. So I'm looking for this movie. Where the girl had a curfew, she ran away home to do a lot of things like they have a competition I think. The father set the curfew and checks her every hour(base on what I recall), there's a scene where she fell on a water(or probably another person) and also a scene on the club where she pretends that the background music was a DVD. And everytime she said; "AND THEN I PAUSE!" everyone would stop moving and will stop their music.

    Please help me find that movie T^T I wanna watch it again.

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