47 thoughts on “Top 20 Most Rewatched Star Wars Moments

  1. The Praetorian Guard scene is not enjoyable to revisit if you know what you're watching. The choreography is sloppy with so many obvious mistakes it's laughable that they didn't reshoot any of it. As an example, at 6:05 the Guard standing closest to the camera goes to strike at Rey's head. But Daisy Ridley missed her queue and couldn't block the shot, as a result the stuntman swings his weapon clean over her head, appearing to have completely missed. There are several more of these mistakes throughout the scene which include guards running off-camera and literally throwing their own weapons away (I'm not even joking that actually happens). Next time you watch the scene, pay a little more attention, you'll notice quite a bit more than you would expect.

  2. I agree with many. Your #1 is #1 I've been a fan since I was 11 that was 77 when a New Hope premiered. The scene at the end of the first Vader Luke duel brought a collective gasp from the crowd in the theater. I'll never forget it. It is normal to hear a theater crowd cheer, and boo, but to hear a gasp indicating complete surprise is very rare. No body had that one figured out. They were all on the edge of their seats due to the duel and the loss of Luke's hand. So when we were informed that the ultimate villain( I can not think of a better villain ever) is Luke's father, all were just stunned. It was fun.

  3. The 1st is Spot on but Anakin versus obi-wan should be on the 2nd spot, duel of fates should be on 3rd, vader rampaging should be 5th(the scene was so epic and badass it gives goosebumps and i think the door was held by vader and not jammed even though i think he LET the rebels run away with the plans), mace windu vs. Palpatine should be in here leading to anakin's total shift to the dark side)

  4. ahsoka vs vader at 10? Excuse you?
    Ahsoka vs maul at 16? Excuse you?
    Maul vs obi wan at 17? Excuse YOU?
    Savage and maul vs obi wan and ventress not even an honorable mention EXCUSE YOU?

  5. Sorry, I disagreed with some inside this list, there's NOTHING from the sequel is worth watching the second time.

    As my personal favourite, the ending scene of rogue one is my most watched coz it projected correctly just how powerful and badass Darth Vader was.

    My other most favourite watch were (still are) the intimidating yet "polite" lines from Darth Vader. Sorry, Darth Vader is my most favourite badass villain of all time.

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