36 thoughts on “Top 20 Best TV Shows of the Century (So Far)

  1. Crazy Attack on Titan isn’t here. It has the most episodes of any show ever rated 9.9 and above. With 1 of only 2 episodes ever to hold a 10 star rating, with more 10 star episodes to come with the 4th and final season passing the halfway mark.

  2. Horrible list.
    First off how did S.O.A. only get an honorable mention? 24 changed how we watched TV all of a sudden real time was in TV shows. Money heist? The last kingdom? Vikings? And Gomorrah is the best show in the world period end of discussion. 🎤 Drop

  3. Outlander is one of the greatest shows on television and also critically acclaimed and very underrated because of Starz. It is the best, epic, mature, smart and never seen before intense love story of the Era. It is as good as Game of Thrones in its own way.

  4. I thought you picked the shows only that has ending and then Stranger Things popped up.Stranger Things is good but I wouldn't say that's the best of the century. What about Westworld that show is the classic sifi of the century at least first season.

  5. Better Call Saul deserves a spot here. Imo it’s better than Stranger Things and when it comes to characters BCS thrives more than Breaking Bad. In Breaking Bad Walter’s son Walter Jr.‘S only character trait is that he hates his mother and that he eats breakfast. While in Better Call Saul if a character has nothing to do they make them a recurring character. Side note The Sopranos was created in 1999 last time I checked that’s not the 21st Century

  6. I think we all can agree on that I am right and you all are wrong.
    The Wire is just in a different league. The Sopranos is high class character description, but the Wire describes the demise of the society so well. Subtlety told through the dramatic destinies of its characters.

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