TOP 13 MUST EAT FOODS in Chiang Mai, Thailand (DIY Thai Food Tour)

We lived in Chiang Mai for 5 weeks eating delicious Thai food, and we narrowed it down to our top 13 foods/drinks you MUST get in Chiang Mai. You can find all …


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TOP 13 MUST EAT FOODS in Chiang Mai, Thailand (DIY Thai Food Tour)

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  1. Thank you guys. Me and my wife visited Chiang Mai last month. Your video helped us so much. Visited almost all the places you suggested, literally sat on the same table and let me tell you, the food was awesome!!!! Thank you so much !!! Cheers !!!

  2. Your video is the best. You inspired me. I lived in Chiangmai long ago, that why I clicked when I saw. Miss Khoa Soi!, the most popular local dish in the Northern part if Thailand, especially in Chiangmai.

  3. 10.22 It's called Larb. It's actually similar to the one you would see in the Tom's spiderman film when they are in Thai restaurant and aunt May say "I Larb you" hahaha
    Now, what you had in the video was a Larb in northern style (salty flavour with herbs) while in the movie is a north-eastern style one (sour and salty flavour with herbs). They have totally different flavours, they are both delicious!
    Love your vlog. So natural.

  4. hi i want to tell you that thai put food in the middle not rice. you can test more food in the middle with rice.i dont know how to say because my eng not just have one dish of rice for your own and order 4-5 food for put in the middle that the thai stye so you can test more food as you want.*sry for my eng

  5. I live here and I recommend you check the PM2.5 status in Chiangmai before visiting since the air is insanely bad sometimes. Also dont ever use Red Car use grab taxi

  6. Yesterday the smoke rate here was the highest in the world and its not safe to go outside without masks now 😣
    the reason why there's so much smoke is because since Chiang Mai is surrounded by mountains smoke gets blown away much harder
    Also because nobody is trying to reduce transport like use the car only for one person instead of 5 and everyone's just on motorbikes
    + added to all of that it didn't rain here for 2 months and we're just praying that the weather will change 😞

  7. Hi Kara & Nate ♥️ love u both! Just a note, I ALWAYS click LIKE , almost all your vids before watching it, since, it’s soooo funny that I keep on watching your vlogs vids by vids without noticing I ALWAYS FREAKING FORGOT TO LIKED IT, i’m disappointed with myself for forgetting that … i even tried to look for vids i have not click like .. just for me to feel complete hahahahah .. anyways, all the love and coolness for both of you, inspiring me to start my own vlog (travel hopefully) , just a little more push and inspiration from your travels.. just a little more! Congrats in all your travels and always take care! Always! Hugs and Love from Philippines, hope you visit Batanes, Bohol, Siargao, Iloilo, Tagaytay too. If you will visit Tagaytay, let me know, I have abnb there and I will give you place to stay for free! Because I rooted for you really! Sorry for being sooo loud here! ♥️♥️♥️

  8. I am Thai but not a local person in Chiang Mai. Thank you for a good video. Will follow you to the recommended every food!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  9. We just had lunch at Larbkai. We agree with you guys 100%, the larb is fantastic! It was spicy and full of flavor. This is a must visit for anyone in the Nmman area. Safe travels to you guys!

  10. คุณลองไปเที่ยวอยุธยาสิอากาศดีมากไปแถวชายเมืองคุณจะชอบบรรยากาศที่นั่นมากมีแม่น้ำมีทุ่งนาอากาศดีสุดๆ ผู้คนไม่พลุกพล่านไม่วุ่นวาย แถวๆชานเมืองจะเป็นที่พักผ่อนที่ดีมาก

  11. That was torture!!!!! Your best food vlog ever!! I could almost taste that divine looking larb and the mango and sticky rice. I'm crying because our favourite restaurant in Sydney that serves both of those has closed and the search is on to find a replacement. And that garlic naan………. I'm drooling!!!!!! 😍

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