23 thoughts on “Top 10 UFO Sightings in Britain

  1. Always been a big believer. I had 2 thoughts though over the years.
    First is that if there is life in our universe, they are clearly not visible to us. Would they all hide? Doubtful. If there are aliens less intelligent than us. They wouldn't be able to hide lights from us in space, just like we can't. Planes now seem to leave permanent trials behind them that spread out, conspiracy theorists call them chemtrials. I'm sure everyone has seen them. It makes me wonder if they are trying to hide us from aliens? Bit out there I know. Maybe they have made themselves invisible. There are areas in space that are dark with no stars around so you never know.
    Second thought is maybe we are the first of the kind. I guess it makes sense there has to be a first lot of intelligence scientifically so it could be that we are gonna be the ones to spread life around the universe. We somehow have different races on earth with different languages and skin colours. There was a time when white people and black people for example didn't know the other existed at all until they travelled. If we moved to another planet, maybe it could change our appearance over thousands of years who knows. Seemed to happen on earth already.
    It's funny because there have been millions of different species on earth yet we haven't seen any sign of life anywhere else. Nothing.
    If they are real and plenty of them, nasa is hiding them.

  2. I am a Government Agent and wish to confirm that advanced Alien life has been living under the surface of planet earth ever since the dinosaurs became extinct 65 million years ago (at the end of the Cretaceous Period). Archeologists have found remnants of nuclear fallout in the bones of these great beasts and under the direction of the governments of the world were advised to remain silent as this did not co-inside with the Cretaceous-Paleogene extinction event, which supposedly killed off the dinosaurs and many other species, according to the studies. Aliens use anti-gravity energy to go deep inside the earth's surface by making their craft produce translucent matter by momentarily suspending the covalent bonds which hold soil and crust molecules together. Not all matter is made up of molecules such as metals which are made entirely of atoms held together by atomic binding. Anti-gravity energy cannot suspend atomic binding therefore even thin roof foil can stop a UFO passing through it and soil content which contains a high iron content can destroy an Alien craft using anti-gravity energy to pass through this soil matter and return to base. Underground Alien bases have been found across the USA, Great Britain, India, China, Russia, Australia and Indonesia including Antarctica. Human beings are in fact the Aliens as we do not share DNA sequences with the Reptilian Aliens or the Alien Greys who have been living inside the earth's surface long before our ancestors evolved in Africa around 4.2 million years ago. Take care, David Matherson

  3. It's just so boring that most, if not all, UFO "sightings" are either mostly grainy, out of focus, faked, or from decades ago and keep getting repeated. With most of the world having instant access to HD phone tech cameras and video recorders, don't you find it strange that hardly anything has been captured on camera that can actually look real and be undisputed evidence? I would love there to be a more intelligent life form visit this pathetic human race and give it a good shake up – before we all kill ourselves and everything else this incredible world has to offer. The problem with this world .. is humans.

  4. The term "UFO" means unidentified flying objects, I wonder how many unidentified flying objects were detected during WW2 ?
    I am not a disbeliever in craft from other worlds BUT these days the term "UFO" seems to mean not from this world.
    An aircraft with its transponder switched off could be a "UFO".

  5. Someone seriously give me ONE reason why believing in UFO’s and aliens is crazy.
    With the size of the universe, not to mention so many others, it’s nearly impossible that there ISNT something else out there far far more advanced than us.

  6. I have encountered a number of different craft and find the whole thing fascinating, being just part of the theatre of life. I do not know why people go off on one when it is simply part and parcel of life, makes for fascinating viewing.

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