Top 10 Shows People Are Always Telling You To Watch

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Top 10 Shows People Are Always Telling You To Watch

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  1. If I had to watch one. It would be walking dead.
    The one show I stan is Arrow. Action Grit not a complete SJW and the loveable nerd Felicity that everyone wants to hate but don't really no why.

  2. Stranger things sucks
    Orange is the new blacks too much lesbian stuff that are kinda bleach for my eyes need better looking cast
    Black mirror never heard of it
    Rick and Morty i'm the third kind of person i hate it I do not like the characters
    Lost never heard of it
    Mad Men never heard of it
    The Sopranos i could never figure what the heck is going on but i only watch two episodes and was confused as hell
    Game of thrones i got sick of hearing winter is coming and dragons that i'm not sure if either one came yet
    The Wire never heard of it
    Breaking bad never heard of it

  3. Glad Atlanta made it in, feels like it is under rated, and yet people will never know though.. I feel like it has been under rated. It is one of those shows ,you do not have to jump into head first either.

  4. Haven't seen Rick and Morty, but I've seen so many Watch Mojo videos about it, I know all about it. The only other one I haven't seen is The Wire, but I (sorry) don't really like any of the others, but I see why other people do.

  5. I feel like the reason that people like Orange is the new black so much is because it talks a lot about women in prison, because it gives light to propaganda that women are the victim of everything including incarceration-something men are the victim of.

  6. I've been told to watch Stranger Things, Rick and Morty, The Walking Dead, and Game of Thrones. I really don't care for the shows that are out there today.

    Also "bin-watching" is just a dumbass, internet word for marathon (which marathon makes a lot more sense than just making up some word that supposingly sounds "cooler" which you're likely not gonna find the made up word in a physical book older than the 2010's). Seriously, people need to stop living their lives on the internet, creating a non-existing utopia on the internet (which is unhealthy) and actually be part of this world and use proper words or phrases.

    If you think I'm serious about me ranting on using the word "bin-watching", you better bet that I am considering people are just as serious about using stupid words like "bin-watching", "memes", "selfies", etc. and creating lame abbreviations like "omg", "lol", etc. because people on the internet are growing stupid (not everyone who uses the internet, but most people that do use the internet).

  7. Thank you WatchMojo for honoring The Leftovers. It doesn’t get anywhere near the recognition it deserves. Also I think The Handmaids Tale should have been on here or at least as an honorable mention.

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