Top 10 Greatest Asian Rulers Of All Time

Many of history’s most vast and populous civilizations have existed on Asia. Thus, the task of ruling over such empires and kingdoms required particularly …


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Top 10 Greatest Asian Rulers Of All Time

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  1. I love the channel and I'd hate to do this, but a slight mix-up regarding Cyrus and a disagreement with Xerxes. Cyrus was not Xerxes' father, I believe that he was his grandfather but it may have been from an earlier generation (going off the top of my head here). Otherwise, all was spot on for Cyrus, who was really truly worthy of the title of 'The Great.'

    Regarding Xerxes, I don't think he should be included on this list. Yes, folks in the West know who he is due to Thermopylae and the Persian Wars but I feel that there are many other leaders who would better fit this title. I think that, from Sassanian Persia, Khosrau could be chosen, or from China, Qin Shi Huangdi. Xerxes gets a fair amount of press but he didn't actually do much except for fight the Persian Wars against Greece and stave off some civil wars. After Xerxes' rule things went downhill quite quickly for the Achaemenid Persian Dynasty. Cyrus and Darius were excellent choices (as well as everyone else on this list) but I'd switch out Xerxes, he was a bit of a chump.

    Love the channel! You guys rock!

  2. When pronouncing Zhu Di, try Ju Dee instead. "Ju" with a flat tone and "Dee" with a tone going downwards. Also, Khan actually sounds more like Kuh-han.

  3. I think cyrus should be number 1 because despite his great power he was generous too. he was the first man who wrote the human right in his kingdom. ganghis khan was only a great murderer

  4. Where is Asoka the Great
    Where is the Maurya Empire
    Where is Vikram Aditya
    Just don't make videos if you don't have content or else RESEARCH

  5. Why is Akbar below Shah Jahan. Most of what Shah Jahan did was built on what Akbar did. He just built a few building (Taj Mahal being one of them) but Akbar built an empire.
    PS: You should have put Ashoka or Chandragupta in place of Shah Jahan.

  6. I can't be certain, but I thought Xerxes was the grandson of Cyrus? Cyrus had 2 sons named Cambyses & Bardia. They say Bardia was killed by Cambyses before Cambyses died in Egypt. Darius, a General & confidant of Cambyses, later claimed the Persian throne for himself & married a daughter of Cyrus who gave birth to Xerxes. I could be way off but that was the way I was always taught.

  7. Ashoka from Mauryan dynasty should make the list mainly because without him Buddhism that influenced countries all the way to China would have simply vanished.

  8. Simon, I for one spot you a "Gimme" on pronunciation of Oriental/ Far East names. So many Chinese names and places were butchered by Westerners, the English in particular, and have only been adjusted by the Chinese in the last 50-60 years. (Peiping, Peking, etc.) Listening to newscasters has sometimes been hilarious, so why not you and me?

  9. I think you should've considered Deng Xiaoping, who took over China from Mao and began the market reforms that took China from being essentially like North Korea to being essentially South Korea. His policies and those of his heirs vastly improved the lives of 1/5th of humanity.

  10. The Meiji Emperor was more of a figurehead for a set of oligarchs who really ran Japan after the shogunate fell. Emperors weren't expected to take significant roes in politics at the time.

  11. FYI, for anyone curious, "Yongle" is written in Simplified Chinese as 永乐 and is pronounced more like [yohng-luh]. Yes, the syllables separate between the G and the L, not the N and G.
    Also, I'm a little surprised to not see Emperor Tang Taizong on this list, as he's often considered by the Chinese themselves to be arguably their greatest emperor, ruling over the Tang Dynasty at its strongest and viewed as an emperor that all other rulers are measured up against.

  12. BC not BCE get it correct or I will have to stop watching. BC and AD Before Christ, After Death. it has been this way for so many years don't start just going with the flow of the world.

  13. What about Ashoka? He was the first to unite India, introduced Buddism to a wide part of society and the state and even abolished the slave trade in 4th century BC India.

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