The Worst Food Trends Of The Decade


The 2010s brought us food trends that likely never should have existed in the first place. Restaurants smothered bar snacks in synthetic truffle oil, while smashed …


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  1. Oh you guys forgot about the monster milkshake fuckery. Like let's make a milk shake with strange appendages in a mason jar and stick a pretzels and doughnuts on top… Like what is even the point, all these things are fine seperatly but they sure don't need to be forced together like some weird fatty sugary Frankenstein's Monster milk shake.

  2. Pumpkin Spice isn't supposed to contain actual pumpkin — it's just the specific spice blend that enhances the pumpkin flavor that it's added to, as opposed to other spice blends that may clash with pumpkin flavor.

  3. You people are beyond ridiculous. Avocado is not the reason for Avocado cartels AND if you do the juice cleanse the proper way (80% vegetables 20%fruit) it's actually very good for you. FYI you really can get all the protien you need from plants. Educate yourselves BEFORE you promote and perpetuate BS.

  4. "Worst trends of the decade" is what they say, but the video is actually: shame consumers for bad corporate practices, shame people for liking specific flavors just because they were once a trend, and mock noodle alternatives. Great video, guys.

  5. This channel has some big balls criticizing horrible trends that THEY promoted and hugely contributed to the popularity of and then also have the audacity to call vegetable pasta stupid because people could just have pasta. I know for a fact SOMEONE at insider isnt that dumb to think its just for funsies. A lot of people have used it to expand their diets despite dietary restrictions or medical reasons. Also, the 2010s didnt singlehandedly popularize truffles, theyve been around since the Egyptians and claiming that the entire food is bad because Gordon Ramsay doesnt like them is the dumbest shit Ive ever heard.

  6. I love avacados, and have loved them for years. They are good for you, and an excellent source of good fats, and I am going to continue eating them.
    I have also loved the combo of cloves/cinnamon/nutmeg and have used it for years. Again, I'm not going to stop eating something I like because someone else has decided that it isn't trendy anymore. I never liked avacados or pumpkin spice blend because they were trendy in the first place
    And FYI, pumpkin is very good for your dogs' and cats' digestive system, but they should NEVER eat any pumpkin spice flavoured because cloves and nutmeg are toxic to them.

  7. Juice cleanses are so bad for you. So bad. But people don't want to do the work to find out what's really healthy because it takes a good knowledge of science. It's an entire discipline of the health sector and what your diet should contain varies greatly depending on the individual. People here in Canada who don't see the sun for six months of the year and who can't go for a jog without fear of falling on the ice and breaking their legs are going to need a totally different diet than people in sunny California. Sure, some foods are universally healthy (we should all eat more spinach), but proportions, portion sizes, so much varies based on genetics, activity levels, and location. Zucchini and avocados are super expensive where I live. I've never seen avocado toast on a menu. Nobody would buy it where I live. Maybe one time to take an ironic picture, but just as a joke. It's seen as that weird American thing. I'm sure it exists in Canada. We're the second largest country on the planet. It's sure to be here, just not nearly as prevalent.

  8. Vegetable noodles are actually pretty good as long as you make them thick enough to hold their shape after cooking. If youre trying to cut down on carbohydrates or have more veggies in your diet, theyre pretty good. That and you can over indulge with them and not feel too bad about it (as long as theyre not drenched in a bunch of fat or whatever). Just dont buy the premade stuff because its a total scam and you dont actually get a lot of food out of it. Just prepare your own veggies.

  9. It's just trends. Most of them are mostly harmless, and just for fun. Who cares if someone wants a pumpkin spice treat? Who cares if someone wants a green drink instead of pancakes? Who cares if someone sprinkles a little gold flake on pizza? Who cares if someone wants to simulate truffle on their pasta? Who cares if someone wants to sub carbs with more vegetables? Who cares if someone wants vanilla cake flavor and sprinkles in their snacks? WHO. CARES?