The Truth About Canadian Health Care

America’s great health care debate. Shining the spotlight on the Canadian system: The realities and the myths. Blame Canada. Why are Americans so afraid of Canadian-style healthcare? Keeping…


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The Truth About Canadian Health Care

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  1. If Canadians actually knew what is going on..ask an american what coverage they would get for 6,000 dollars a year per person. Sadly Americas system fails if your in the middle. Drug prices are criminal. I can't even get an x ray result in Canada in Ontario its so corrupt..see what happens to Canadians if an error is made. Nothing works without competition and this is a glowing example

  2. We in the UK would never let them take our NHS away. Personally if I have to wait because somebody who needs treatment more urgently than me I have got no problem with that.

    If I was in America I would be made bankrupt or not treated at all. It pisses me off when idiots who know nothing about the NHS slander it when they've never experienced it.

    Is it perfect? No definitely not.
    Is it better than being lumbered with debt or worse not treated at all? Most definitely yes, the docors in America would be sent to prison for the shit they do if they were here.

  3. My story, 12:00 o'clock chest pains went to emergancy, i told the nurse i had chest pains he stands up come with me, he took me to a room beside emerg got an ekg booked me an ambulance rushed me to another hospital about 20 min away. I was taken wright to operating room had my surgery and returned to recovery its 2:20 2 hours from beggining to end. My charge for all this 0. In the states heart surgery 70.000 to 250.000 thanx Canada I love my healthcare!

  4. Your Canadian Health Care system is not as best as the German system even though they not have not a one-payer system. The German system started in 1873 and grew through the years. The German system includes Dentistry, Pharma Care and Vision Care. If you have these than you have the best health care. Except you don't have it.

  5. My husband is Epileptic he have have 7 bring surgeries we never pay a penny he had the best Dr. can get see any time that he need to. Appointment are done by how urgent it is the situation. So American can have what they want We love our heath care. I have Lupus and I see my Specialist depending on how I feel.

  6. i had spinal stenosis, my family doctor let me sit almost a year.
    i also wait for MRI and after, my doctor still didn't do anything. then he asked would I go to Toronto. yes. buy the time I was able to see a surgion.
    he was shocked and and told me and my husband he wanted to do the surgery in 2 days.. by the time I knew it was series operation.

    it started with electrical shocks down my spin.
    my felt it me wamting higher opioids, deffently that was not what I wanted, i just wanted answers

  7. American healthcare is more than 50% government run or funded. Non-Americans often don't realize that US states act as their own countries in many respects, many states having their own version of socialized healthcare.

    Thankfully, not all of us are subject to the destructive economic calculation problem inherent to government monopoly healthcare as we can choose to live in a freer state like Oklahoma, where you can get even very complex surgeries within a four digit price, and with top quality service.

  8. The probem is the clueless fluoride people think everything is ok so they keep spreading lies for satan's corrupt canada bank mob gov puppet failure, Just like a zombie eating brains from a fluoridic acid cool aid force to all taps like Hitler did in the death camps and the canadians are ok with mass poisoning, which is totally looney if you ask me and they will all end up in the looney Bin, the retards even changed the name of their stupid ripoff dollar to looney if that's not enough evidence , i don't know what is, and their ok with that. ha ha ha ha ha so stupid ha ha ha So funny ha ha ha ha DuuuuuUUUU.

  9. American healthcare insurance companies spend millions to keep Medicare for all out in America. The American healthcare system is a gold mine for the insurance companies. America does have death panels. They're called insurance companies. Get sick and they deny payment for the service and you're dead.

  10. I've used both American & Canadian health care and they both have there Up's & Downs. American health care is way better quality & fast treatment but you pay a pretty penny for it. Canadian health care is free but it's very mediocre I had to wait 4 months just to get an MRI there which was scary because you can get one within a couple days in America. Or pretty much comes down to the best health care but you have to pay for it, or free health care but the health care isn't so great! You choose!

  11. Last time I got a mild cancer,  the doctor said "You need surgery, how's next Tuesday?"
    The time before, it was a bone cancer of the skull.  I had to wait six weeks because an artery was involved. I have 'interesting' blood, so I spent a month doing my own blood donations.The Canadian woman quoted had a benign cyst of the pituitary gland, outside the brain.. The surgery for that is very invasive and I suspect she was being observed to see if the cyst grew. Having had  invasive head surgery, I think I would go for a controlled wait for something benign.I object to the self advertising health care broker on this panel. He is far too self interested.

  12. Canada has a multi-payer system; they have private healthcare for Armed Forces, Worker's Comp, and even Federal Prisons. Citizens are forced to use a public "system" which is totally at the grasp of the government, which rations the tax dollars from the public any way they want.

  13. Did any body catch they had 3 proponents and only 1 opponent to the system. The other thing that wasn't discussed was budget is it endless cause if not then doctors will be faced to deny care to individuals! Dr.Martin said several times she had to determine what was serious enough for a referral! Dr.Doy also stated some were unhappy with care but collectively 64% are happy.
    I personally think everyone should have health care, but is a panel of doctors dexiding who gets proceedures health care?

  14. Injured at work in 2000 rushed to hospital because I was one of the 20000 in the city without a doctor I was given the short program (the medical establishment knows what I mean( no tests were run then sent home. Over the years all kinds of problems blood pouring out of my rectum my bed sheets socked with blood some mornings. Finally after 7 years went to London, Ontario where they ran tests and found a major spinal injury that should have been tested for 7 years prior. Waited another 4 years to get a spine surgery that would uncover other major issues not seen on the tests. Had fixed and been fused. Lost the house, Pension 420K savings, Job 84K a year no workers comp or any social help what so ever. Discovered that the government is structured to hide a massive policy that is creating the highest homeless rate per capata in the developed world. I watched 8 people die needlessly at the hands of mistakes and mess ups in Canada by the system. Also learned the governments pay the legal fees for all doctors when it comes to medical malpractice. And even worse the provinces use in house lawyers that are instructed to stall cases 10 to 15 years bankrupting 95% of those people that try and go after the government forcing them to drop out and fade away. As for the wait times in Ontario going down mentioned in the show that is deceptive just like the governments. It is a smoke and mirror actuary trick all Ontario did was change the way wait times are calculated. Now the wait times are calculated from the time the hospital gives the date to the family doctor and the time the patient is called with the date of surgery. They no longer use the date of Surgical request from the doctor which might have been a year or more earlier. Plus to top this off they also fudge the numbers more by using a trick used by government on employment numbers. Those who have there name on a cancellation call list and get called earlier then they were expected to get in. The difference in days from the internal real wait time numbers to them getting in is used to reduce the overall averages in reporting the numbers. Canadians are once again getting played by the magic of the worlds most deceptive and misleading government system in the free world. Oh well the people in Canada can stay delusional about the truth they are not able to see.

    I am a Canadian and have to say it is a shit hole here and sadly the
    majority of the people are a bunch of brain dead idiots. Wait times for
    last ranked health care yes Canada is 8 hours. Alberta got hit with a
    french style terror attack back in Jan 2016 and the government blocked
    it from being spread through the news. Between 5000 to 7000 people are
    murdered each year by the Federal and Provincial governments by using
    wait times in the health care to kill off portions of the population
    that saves both governments money big time. The feds don't have to pay
    out pensions to those who are dead. The governments uses the bullshit
    Privacy laws and the Communist Tribunal system to keep its human rights
    and mass discrimination of its people from the WHO, Human Rights Watch,
    the media and the people from having a clue what the government has been
    doing. The feds only provide 1/3rd funding for education to the
    natives that is pathetic but is willing to hand over 26,000 to 28,000 a
    year to tens of thousands of foreign smucks who make the political party
    look good around the globe. Never mind that they are guilty of
    atrocities against their own people. The Canadian system is a commie
    Hypocrisy that is the mast of the world in deception. manipulation and
    deceit against its populous. And sadly the people are so Ffffing brain
    washed not to look past their nose and outside the paper towel tube they
    have been trained to tool through since the commie dictatorship they
    has in the 1970's yes the father of the jerkoff now in the PM seat.

  15. I don't think we have a good healthcare system in canada, but could be worst.
    Good part are.
    1- intelligent people, doctors and so on.
    2- tecnology and good infrastructure
    Bad part.
    1- Legislation and goverment full of misinformation about deseases and the way to treat them.
    2- Food industry and pharceutic making big money cause they create people in bad health.

    Dont need a PHD to know that you need good food, vitamins, minerals and so on nurish the body and the goverment still argue with this.

    The reason our system is not good at all cause its easy to say we have great surgical skills and nice well organise hospital, but who put the sick people there in the first place. The root of the problem is big pharma full of shit and food industry full of shit also. We end up with a goverment doing a very bad job cause these people think more about the money in their pocket when people are sick. Health care would be a very little part of the budjet if people were in good shape.


    Goverment system, pharma, food industry are the problem and others to. These 3 anyway makes the more money when people are sick so they can all become very rich screwing people. Good job all of you..

  16. 7:49 "On the question of whether you should judge Canadian medic care on a single story, I think it's just stupid."

    In other words, that woman should have let the Canadian system handle her and die, so that she not be a factor in this question at all. Fie on the question that her case was symptomatic of the Canadian system. We need to look at the 80 percent who do not die, and the 20 percent can just go ……

  17. AND, then you have this where a person is denied critical surgery. There are some mismanaged hospitals around and you need only talk to staff to find out which ones they are. This is something that certainly needs to be looked into. Not many people want the hassle of running their own practice any more. The money you make simply isn't worth the troubles involved, liability insurance being one.

  18. "How can we Canadians help Americans understand that big government is wonderful and we should all give the government even MORE money because government does such a wonderful job of spending our money".

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