The Real Reason Trump Is Leading the Polls

Out of sixteen republican candidates – one billionaire has pulled ahead of the pack. But he’s not leading because he’s rich – or because he’s racist. Find out why …


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The Real Reason Trump Is Leading the Polls

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  1. Ahh their is one huge difference between Ross Perot and trump. Trump was chosen by god . This why any who oppse him goes down. Even Megan Kelly was given a warning that first time she tried to ask gotcha questions . sick to her stomach .

  2. Oh boy do we need an Ann Coulter here in Australia yes and maybe a Donald Trump too?MMnnnn,I think Dick Smith might have done the job  but then don't know enough about him.Maybe he is too old ???It has been said  during a debate That Australia has more immigrants per head of Australian white population even than the United states. Just seems to me it is too little too late  can be done about it .When we had a chance to appose the Global village concept despite some intelligent protesting most Australians were apathetic which I s what present day white Australians  do best. She'll be right might. Yeah ?Australia has lost so much manufacturing already  except for what we mine out of the ground  and China buying up vast amounts of land ,the mind boggles as to what is going on here. Our hospitals are strained to capacity.Nowhere left to run. Who did we allow to do this to us?; We did it ourselves. Our public transport is bursting at the seams. Our young men are on the streets. No jobs. Was it Bob Carr who called for a halt at least for a  reasonable time period on Immigration. ? Why not we have  had enough .Did I mention our welfare system is imploding as well as new comers are the first to go on welfare. No it i s not America only that is feeling the pinch.

  3. Thom that's probably 1/10th of trump supporters or twice that. It's your ignorant dirter with no understanding of the complexities of issues facing America or any modern country. He points out the problem- this country best minds have done that on trade and everything else. End free trade deals ? ok good idea – I'll actually listen to him explain how. I doubt this buffoon who knows a millionth of trade law and sells used cars for a living will come up with butkiss

  4. those factories moved because they did not want to pay taxes among other expenses even trump practices out sourcing! he even he said he tries to pay the least taxes possible. watch for those false fantasy promises. numbers don't add up.

  5. Scared white males think Trump will fix the economy. They think their finances will improve because Trump's a business. Yeah right…a business who filed for bankruptcy numerous times.

  6. Trump might sound like Perot, but he won't scare the crap out of people with a VOODOO STICK… That's where Ross Perot lost the race, when he trotted out that damned VuDu stick, and called for something called voodoo economics….

  7. It's funny you know when I was growing up here in Australia almost everything bought that was not made by Australia was usually made in the US but now at 38yrs old everything seems to be made in China so I'm guessing he is right about out sourcing your jobs to other countries

  8. I cant vote. I am an Australian. so vote Trump and get the USA out of debt and out of the pockets of your federal reserve? or you will end up importing mud cakes from Africa to eat!

  9. I listened to Thom Hartmann for a long time, in 2003 to 2005, when he was on Air America Radio. I would never vote for Trump, as I view him as a Demagogue.

    However, it is fascinating to see a Liberal like Thom Hartman set out the case, based on Trade, on why Trump should be President.

    However, I am afraid that, given his statement on Global Warming as something "China made up to make American industry less competitive", a President Trump would cut the funding to Scientists researching Global Warming. Overnight, we would have no current data on the state of our Planet.

    We would face the prospect of the Environmental Version of Sep 11, 2001. One example would be a massive breakup of the Ice Cap in either Greenland and/or Antarctica.

    It would not be pretty.

    BTW, Thom said that Ross Perot got 20% of the vote in 1992. I remember it as 19%, but say it WAS 20%. That's AFTER Perot had suspended his Campaign for several weeks, since he claimed the Republicans tried to "sabotage his daughter's Wedding." If not for that, Perot might have become President!

  10. This guy should be talking about how we need to get them fucked up people out so we can have fair votes for the presidency because we all knew forever they put the biggest devil we have in not the one that has the most votes do some research people

  11. Tom stop being so angry at righties…Ross was right…Clinton signing the free trade did lead to the "huge sucking sound" that destroyed the middle class. Now Obama lies about "Like ur Doc keep your Doc" and save "$3500" a year on health care …. enough is enough….I know you hate rich people…hate them all not just the Koch brothers. HOW COME OBAMA DID NOT BRING IT ALL BACK? Please my brother…all politicians are corrupt get after them for us please….ALL OF THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Trump is the answer for right now…once people are back to middle class jobs we can hopefully stop arguing in the margins

  12. @JustinCampbell : no, the scariest thought is that millions of people are so drunk on the Clinton kool-aid that they'll STILL vote for Hillary even though she has been PROVEN a liar, is part of the NWO elite, and intends to carry on Obama's plan to bring America to her knees in order to usher in the full-blown NWO government! Now THAT is REALLY what's scary.

  13. Thom even Bernie in the past has pointed out the wage deflation issue that both illegals and the masses of legals from poor countries cause, as an example my mother cleaned rich peoples houses in the late 80's she made more then than housekeepers do now 25+ years later and I am not talking inflation adjusted and not a small amount, roughly 50% more! I don't fault these poor people for wanting to come here but we have to think about our own first, if the economy was great fine let them come legally. Trump can be a jerk and he knows how to appeal to certain bad types but a lot of what he says is right and similar to what Bernie says in a more PC way.

  14. You have it completely wrong. Free trade isn't bad, and it's not the main cause factories are shutting their doors. Regulation is. The US market is utterly over-regulated and it's killing the companies. This mercantilist, protectionist attitude is highly destructive. When trade is free, everyone wins. Where stuff is produced doesn't matter so much – the standard of living people enjoy does; and it goes up with products being cheaper and better.

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