22 thoughts on “The Queen's Gambit: Top 10 Behind the Scenes Secrets

  1. What a good year for chess, Hikaru Nakamura signs for TSM (first chess GM to sign to an esports team), also GM hikaru focusing on streaming and reaching the masses, top twitch streamers playing chess, and top it all is Beth Harmon.

  2. I haven't watched this show yet, I'm a little scared to because I'm absolutely in love with Thomas Brodie Sangster and I'm scared to see him in something that's a little more grown up than what I'm used to. However I have seen the scene where Benny and Beth are in the car together and they're sort of playing chess by calling out letters and numbers and it's absolutely amazing, so I might give it a try just for that. I will say though I've read what it's about and I wish Netflix produced more tv shows like this that are more intellectual than just drama drama drama

  3. I absolutely loved The Queen's Gambit! It's by far the best thing I've seen in years! It grips you so emotionally and takes you on a fun ride of highs and lows. Yet there was no one that made reference too or remembered the 9 year old Orphan Beth Harmon going to Duncan High School and beating 12 high school chest club members. I was waiting for someone in the next 6 episodes to remember that 9 year old prodigy's first chest match! You would think in that chest world someone would definitely remember that. But otherwise a 12 out 10 for an off the charts movie experience!

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