The Horrors of Children

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Society tells us some lovely sweet stories about what it’s like to have children. But there are some darker sides no one really likes to talk about, but we should …


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  1. I’ve spent the last 10 years of my life building a time machine. Not to stop the 911 attacks or kill Hitler and prevent WWII, but to go back and kick myself so hard in the nuts that children will be out of the question. Might also hold my younger self down and shave my head. Would be better to not know what having hair was like than seeing it wash down the sink everyday.

  2. For anybody who is told "WOOH You'll regret not having kids when you're on your deathbed! You're going to die alone!" DO NOT BELIEVE THEIR CRAP. Being childless does NOT stop you from forming another loving family.

    Focus on cultivating deep and important friendships, join a community, care for other people, get to know your other relatives like your nieces, nephews, brothers and sisters, etc. I repeat, you can have a family and die loved and happy WITHOUT effing kids!

  3. Antinatalism is sometimes needed in different periods of society. I can't fucking stand children, and there are far too many of them. I don't think other people particularly love others' kids, but they are blind because they think their own kids are different. Oh the hypocrisy of human nature

  4. I do not like to have kids due to mental and physical pain associated with it. I do not have kids becoz planet is overburdened with overpopulation. Bringing kids up and make them good citizen is very big resposbility, time consuming and need a lot of labor. These days marriages do not stay long so for single parent it become worst. Moreover this world is no more safe for sensitive beings to experience beautiful life.

  5. Working with kids for a living is definitely birth control! Happy to go home to a peaceful, quiet home and do whatever the hell I want (like watch Netflix and take naps). Parenthood is overrated 🛑

  6. Yeah… I'm not having kids.
    Or if I do at some point… I won't spoil them nor over protect them and I will definitely teach them manners at a very young age.

  7. it's funny how all these people who are ONLINE ACTIVISTS pro-"childfree" are all a bunch of miserable people full of mental problems. Fuck off, I'm white and will have like 10 kids. All well educated. Just Cry leftistis scum.

  8. video of retarded feminists trying to brainwash normal women, lol
    I think it must be pretty cool to have kids, see they growing, enjoying them, teaching them

    anyway, it must sucks to let them go to school and be idiotized at school by retarded people like those who made this video.

  9. The video says near the end that if you have kids, you'll definitely regret it at some point. BULLSHIT. My kids were the best thing to ever happen to me! There has never been one second that I regretted kids.

  10. You can fuck anytime you want.
    You can lock the door and go to the movie anytime you want without even thinking.
    You can go on a long drive without packing food and other things.
    You can save half a million dollars in your lifetime.

  11. What about the possibility seeing your children die of a sickness, or being a problematic kid, borderline or something like that or not caring about school or highschool, etc… all that will make you suffer a lot. I know this from experience, since i've given personally little shit to studies and that made my mother suffer considerably.

  12. I think the fact that your child will also just be another average human being in a world chock-full of average human beings is very insightful, as is the fact that to raise that average human being, it took an above average amount if money, energy, and time. No thanks.

  13. I always wanted kids ever since I could remember even though I never had much experience with them. Seriously. Ask me 2 years ago what I wanted and I would say a family. Fast forward OH HOLY JESUS NOOOO. if you ever want solid birth control WORK AT MCDONALD'S. you see all kinds of kids in there and yet, they're all still lil brats that's scream, shout, shit, piss and cry. Im absolutely terrified of ruining my life with kids. Ngl, sometimes I see a real cutie and the material instinct is triggered but deep down I know, I'll hate myself and them if had them.

  14. I'm happily child free. The older I get, the happier I am with my decision not to breed. Best decision I ever made in my life was choosing to be child free. I can sleep in, travel, do whatever I want without the responsibility of taking care of another human being. If I had kids, I would have been so miserable.

    Fur-babies are the kinda babies I wanna take care of.

  15. Look, this video is a piece of shit. "oh your child will be mediocre" yeah you know what say that to your child will you? Infact stop pretending to be so special you piece of shit, you're the stupidest piece of advice ever! You really are greedy as hell. You want to tell people that they will suck and that their children will suck and that certain countries suck not because of richer countries and corporations trying to do anything to get more money out of them, but instead because they believe in stuff you don't believe in.

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