The Girl Whose Skin Grows Too Fast | BORN DIFFERENT

A 5-YEAR-OLD born with a rare skin condition isn’t letting the disorder stop her from being a fun, playful and outgoing little girl. Harper Foy, from Seattle, …


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43 thoughts on “The Girl Whose Skin Grows Too Fast | BORN DIFFERENT

  1. Sometimes I can't believe how adults have the nerve to stare at people that looks different. My brother has down syndrome and everytime (adult or child) someone was staring at him i would clap to get their attention and yell "hey!!! Nothing to see here" …. Srsly, there's a point you want to punch them in the face

  2. Wow she’s such a beautiful child I hate that she has to go through that 😢
    I have inverse psoriasis and I get deep cuts in the folds of my skin it’s a pain so I can’t imagine what this poor baby go through 🥺

  3. I legit don’t see anything wrong with her sure she’s A bit swelled up but she’s just perfectly fine I know it might hurt her but she’s still a kid and jerks might say she’s a “goblin”but she isn’t

  4. I don’t care what she looks like but I can imagine what her and her family go through💗💗 I hope she finds friends and finds herself somebody who loves her for her in her future💗💗 she has a really beautiful smile and I bet she has a good personality

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