The Catholic View on Voting and Politics


Jackie and Bobby give their thoughts on voting, backed by Church teaching. As Catholics, we’re not meant to fit into any specific political group or party. We’re …


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  1. You really think Christians are morally responsible to vote? Are we also morally responsible to buy strip clubs and shut them down? When Christ was on earth they wanted to make Him king. The apostles asked who would be greatest. Jesus always said that His kingdom was not of this world. He let the same evil rulers rule, and He suffered and died for it. If God's mission on earth wasn't political reform, ours shouldn't be either. Certainly if you can contribute to stopping abortion and if your vote definitely meant better for all people in your nation you should absolutely do it. But, let's not kid ourselves here. God alone knows what better outcome will result from one party that party being in office over the other. One that claims to be harsher on abortion might not always be in practice. Voting is fine as a Christian. Not voting is fine as well.

  2. Well abortions can't really be an issue if you're christian. Why you ask? Well since Jesus killed unborn, and you say Jesus was sinless, then killing unborn can't be a sin. Easy peasy! Where did Jesus kill unborn you ask? Well the flood in Genesis for starters.

  3. If you value your Catholic ideals, principles and way of life, there is only 1 way to vote in America, in 2020.

    Mark my words, if the Democratic party wins this election, you will never have to worry about who to vote for again. They will never let go of their power and this country will not even be a shadow of the free Republoc that it was created to be, ever again. That is not fear mongering ladies and gentlemen, that is a fact.
    There is no sitting this one out or voting for a different candidate. If you don't RIGHT, be ready for a fight. What I mean by that is that the incumbent President is going to have to win by a landslide or you are going to see riots, chaos and discord that will make everything we've seen this summer look like a picnic!!!

    We are lied to, by the mainstream media, at every turn about the current president and those on the left. Is he a saint? NO! Is he the horrible evil monster that they go out of their way to .ake him out to be (and have tried to make him ok out to be since Day 1)?? NO!!!

    FACTS, in answer to some of the comments that I have seen below…
    President Obama put the children in cages on the Mexican border. The immigration reforms that President Trump has pushed for and the wall have all been intended to get those with records, like MS13 members, out of the country and keep them out and to curtail violence, drugs and sex trafficking at the border.
    Any death is tragic, but the 200,000 or so that have died so far is the # that was projected would die to this point if we did everything we could and worked at preventing deaths. The # projected if nothing was done or things were ineptly done was upwards of 2,000,000… That's 3 more 000's!!! President Trump has done a remarkable job in the face of this Plannedemic *(and yes you read that right but that's another story)
    President Trump has done more for the black community than any president in history: opportunity zones, prison reform, lowest unemployment

    Peace in the Middle east
    More pedophiles arrested than the last 4 presidents combined
    No new wars
    Raised the median income of families by more than ever before
    The list goes on and on and MOST IMPORTANTLY OF ALL..
    He IS Pro Choice and has done more to help the unborn than the Party of Death will ever do.

    I implore heaven and the Angel's to protect this President, protect this country and to use every spiritual persuasion they have to thwart the plans of the left to steal this election. And I implore everyone of Good Will to vote RIGHT. Give the Republican party the Presidency, the Senate and the House and then stay on them to enact the changes that are underway already to rid the cesspool that is the DC Swamp of all of the corruption and lies and satanic ways that MANY on the left and even some on the right have been guilty of for decades.

  4. Religious liberty has been so apparent through the pandemic. I haven’t been to church since March but then thousands of women are on the streets of DC today to protest against the confirmation of ACB. I see what’s happening here and it makes my skin crawl…not to mention the churches and statues that have been destroyed. 😢

  5. I don't understand why, especially in this election, Catholics continue to say "we can't tell you who to vote for." Why not? We have a candidate who is pro-abortion up until birth, who has persecuted nuns for not wanting to pay for birth control, who is a socialist. Yes, we as Catholics can say for the sake of your soul, do NOT vote for Joe Biden. I always wonder if Hitler were running for office would we continue to say – "well we can't tell you who to vote for but just form your conscience doing your own Catholic research from multiple sources." No. We would say you cannot in good conscience vote for Hitler, and I'm sorry you cannot in good conscience vote for Biden and we should not be inhibited by a PC film to keep that reality hidden. We shouldn't have to tip toe around this. It is harmful to the Catholic faithful to think they can vote for Biden without endangering their soul.

  6. Who coerced the USCCB at gunpoint to defend life? I didn’t hear about that.

    I have only felt politically homeless in political districts that pro-life (Republican) politicians had no reasonable chance of winning.

    The American Republican political platform is much more aligned with the Catholic political stance than the platform of any other American political party, and the potential for their complete alignment exists.

  7. @Theresa Moore
    Not homeless but invaded by the antiLife and antiGospel marxist (GERMAN Socialism) party, the root of atheism that ignores the dignity of life. Politically invaded not homeless. Because our home is the land of the free but marxist communism slipped in unto our universities that poisons our naive kids, indoctrinating and corrupting them to be accustomed to sin, by no longer considering sin as sin, consenting sexual revolution and fornication as normal which then leads to unwanted pregnancies and of course, fetus slaughter. Before marxism rule our universities, america was quite religious regardless of denomination. But now after marxism have invaded universities, we now have atheistic graduates of law, political science and economics.
    Thus we now have atheistic judges, lawyers and legislators, and politicians. Creating an almost unGodly guiltless society that no longer upholds the divinity of life as the Holy Flame of their conscience is quenched making their lifes point of view darkened by carnal pleasures and blinded by sin that they no longer respect the lives of the innocent fetus not just as fellow human beings but as one's own children. One's own flesh and blood, no longer treating fetus as the living testimony of man and woman's love and loyalty for each other. Even if a living child is more precious than a wedding ring made of finest gold and most expensive gems.

  8. It's not as easy as this video tries to make it. Pro-life is not the only issue for voters. The Catholic community is divided within itself. The Hispanic-Catholic church and the White Catholic Church is different. Catholic are not united. I would bet there are as many Biden 2020 and Trump 2020. Vote what feels correct in your soul and let God judge you when you arrive in heaven. God Bless.

  9. You mentioned subsidiarity , true , but, because of the widening wealth gap, the accumulation of wealth in the very few, things have gotten so bad for the poor and even the middle class, it doesn’t apply here. For one , it’s become sort of a cop out…The problem has become too large and widespread. I don’t think Mathew 25 had subsidiarity in mind. It’s one of the most unequivocal things in scripture. Poverty is also a life issue. Famine is a life issue. We Americans seem to view everything through our own narrow lens. You don’t think, that God might, I say might because I can’t speak for him, have a problem with how we ignore starvation all over the world? While we waste 35% of our food every year? Has anyone noticed how the virus and the economic impact is worse in the U.S. ? Now part of that is a incapable president. But I’m not so sure this is not a chastisement for the U.S. And please don’t come at me with the we need Trump to end abortion. That is fallacy. Or poorly informed conscience.

  10. It’s tragically funny how many Christians believe someone who supports the death penalty and treats immigrants as criminals, refuses refugees and behaves like a toxic leader is pro-life.
    Yes, abortion, killing people is wrong, but maybe making things illegal is not the only way to fight something. The war on drugs didn’t help addicts, families and communities, it severely hurt all of those things. The way we accomplish a task matters as much as the task.

  11. it is a pasted copy

    I am writing to show you how to meet the Lord on this earth. Pay close attention to my Words please. Understand my message. I will explain to you how to live purgatory (baptism of fire, it is the same thing) on earth, how to live the new birth according to the Gospels, how to hear Christ, his audible voice and to do concretely his will.

    First, you must get spiritually married to the Lord. Like a man who's spiritually united with his wife.
    You must be One with God/Jesus by the Holy Spirit.
    God must come to dwell in you, in your heart litterally.
    Human possesses a body a soul and a spirit. A body of flesh, a spiritual body (soul) and a spirit.
    It is only by receiving the Holy Spirit that you will experience purgatory, you must be spiritually purified, in order to spiritually return to the Kingdom.

    Your heart will be joyful, litterally bright, during purgatory. Which means that God/Jesus will be with you.

    Let you die with Christ, spiritually and then resurrect with Christ spiritually too (Romans).

    And by dying and feeling you will also cruxify you desire at the cross.
    you have to be purified of your sins.

    God will manifest Himself. When I say God, I speak of God the Father. the God of the old covenant. Don't be afraid.

    Spiritually once you return to the Kingdom. You will be internally happy, you will experience the happiness of heaven and the peace of Christ, in your heart, etc.
    Your Soul will be in happiness. and you will see the Kingdom on earth.
    And you will no longer be the same. You can manifest the fruits of the Spirit by loving God and loving others as God wants you to love.

    There remains, however, a step to take to hear Jesus' voice. Just like the prophets of the old covenant, it is simply to invoke the Lord.
    Invoke the Lord and you will be saved.

    Prayer: Lord, I call on you in the name of Jesus-Christ

    Do his Will and you will return to the Kingdom.

    If this does not work there is another method. but this includes a dry fast, without water or food, repete the the same prayer. until God listens to you and sends Jesus, our king to speak to you

    the Lord will bring you knowledge about Life. but also authority and power in his name.

    But we must follow him and obey him. run the race. to your cross.
    Don't worry about anything. The Lord will fight all your enemies.
    but must obey it is not an option.
    Because the Lord can leave you alone.

    I myself intend to follow this path of discipleship on earth. I too will remain without a wife from this earth humanly speaking. but have the Lord as husband.
    I was soon restored because I finally understood.
    Do not hear for what will happen on earth. Be brave With God/Jesus you will make it🙂

    We must pray to God in the name of Jesus. It is a grace that God offered us.
    Because God does not repent to sinners only those who do his Will. as in the old covenant and Jesus.
    God is the God of the old covenant.
    But a disciple of Christ has grace through Jesus.
    God grants us everything in his name.
    example: Lord grant me Eternal Life, your Holy Spirit,
    in the name of Jesus Christ.
    Jesus is all powerful also he will pray.

    How to get the Holy Spirit:

    it is written in the gospels but also in the old covenant.
    There are 2 ways to get the Holy Spirit.
    Either by God the Father or by Jesus.

    But let's go through Jesus. because it's easier.

    2 chronicles 7:14
    pray to God to give you eternal Life in the name of Jesus
    humility is dry fasting (like Jonah in belly of the whale )
    Give up its bad ways.
    Do nothing just nothing. You will see that this is the best way to obey the law of moise.
    No TV, no telephone, no Bible reading. nothing. Walk just but nothing more wait for the Lord. does nothing else.
    put yourself like in a complete desert situation.

    do not exceed 3 days of dry fasting.

    Courage, do this and you will live. I love you I want you to live.

    My hour is also coming.
    There is a lot of work to do in the world.

    Let men become gods, through Jesus/God.

    better to pray on your knees

  12. Reminder to everyone that to vote as a Catholic for a pro-abortion candidate is to commit mortal sin. While being pro-life does, and should go beyond the pre-born stages of life, it is clear that our priority is to ensure that all persons have, first and foremost, the right to life, and to stop the evil genocide occurring on our most vulnerable demographic.

  13. Abortion seems to bring diversity of voices during elections. As a Catholic myself, I don't think any faithful agrees abortion. When I heard some of the "guidelines for voting" talks, It reminds me a parable about a father asked his two sons to work in the field: one said "No" but did eventually, the other son said "yes" but never did. What is more important here is that you can never trust a deceiver. Satan is the Father of lies! For those who simply imposing rules and laws on the others but provide no support to those who are affected, that is not righteous! If God failed his promises to us, no one would ever believes in him. We got to learn from history to avoid the same mistakes again. I am 100% against abortion but 200% not trusting in Satan! Let us be reminded not to be like those Pharisees in the Old Testament questioning Jesus healing people on the Sabbath day, eating with sinners and etc. Perhaps we need to invest our attention to how to support those potential abortionist not to make the abortion decision by offering a complete support of emotional, physical, menta, spiritual and financial help! If a government and a society failed to do so, then there is no difference from those Pharisees.