The 20-Year-Old Who's 3ft 1 | Shake My Beauty

DASHA, 20, from Pennsylvania, is 3ft1 inches tall. Her short stature, even by little person standards, makes that extra inch important. The 20-year-old student …


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28 thoughts on “The 20-Year-Old Who's 3ft 1 | Shake My Beauty

  1. I actually went to school with her she was a grade behind me, I didnt talk to her in school, but when you do meet her in person you can't forget her. I honestly almost ran into her in the halls because I couldn't see her walking even though I'm 2feet taller

  2. I was happy to hear they adopted her from Russia. I'm sure things have changed, but Russia has been slower to understand dwarfism and treat little people well. And they gave her a life where she will always be around people who know what it's like to be a little person.

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