Thailand Mandatory Health Insurance Update

Thailand Mandatory Health Insurance has been one of the significant Thai visa immigration issues of the year. In this video, I give you some of my thoughts on …


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Thailand Mandatory Health Insurance Update

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  1. I'm coming to Thailand on the 29th of August on a 2 month Visitor Visa. When I bought my ticket I bought Travel Guard trip insurance. It has $25000.00 Accident and sickness medical expenses on the policy. If they require Health insurance would this be accepted? I'm 69 years old. In the future I will probably come to Thailand twice a year and stay about 2 1/2 months each time. I have a girlfriend that I come and see in Pattaya. So would this insurance be the way to go if you make 2 trips to Thailand a year? Thank you,,,,,,,,,,,

  2. I have insurance coverage that covers in foreign countries with increased copays. Do they have supplemental insurance that would cover those gaps.

  3. Very good video and yes The O/A retirement is from your home country and yes I have an emergency figure in my calculations as far and would cover me in Thailand.
    I am 69 and yes enquired about Pacific Cross and believe it is the only one who would cover and yes did have Sage, but as is normal it was only for travel insurance for one year and only found out after going to renew it 10 years or so ago and no mention of this at all, but apparently one would have to stay as long as 6 months in the UK.
    As it stands we all paid our National Insurance to get "free Health" care in the UK but if one has been away in Thailand for several years one can not go back and get cover and believe we would be penalised with a 150 per cent premium and outrageous.
    This would not count for over here and yes read the other day 22nd August that the mandatory insurance would be required from the UK on an O/A Retirement and let it be said that after the one year it is not a visa, but permission to stay based on retirement. IT IS NOT CLASSIFIED AS A VISA.
    There was an article in Thai Visa this week and yes confirming this.
    Incredible nothing is stated that if one has property here etc etc and also saw an article to pay a Baht insurance fee for insurance for tourists.
    A very very complex matter and again you never know, until one has to use it!!!

  4. Hi Simon, I have cover through veterans I Australia for specific conditions covered by service injuries. I would need to get insurance but less those specific condition paid for by the Australian Government overseas. If you could ask if i can get insurance less these conditions?

  5. In my opinion Simon, I think it will eventually filter down to extensions as well here in Thailand, either it be retirement or marriage visa extension, just my opinion.

  6. Cock a doodle doooo.
    Simon, the elderly will have a high cost premium with possible health restrictions. Basic economics bud.

  7. PC do some good packages, and my daughter and my wife are insured with them. They did however decline to insure myself due to hypertension and another existing condition ( I now currently "self insure"). I did expect an offer at escalated rates with exclusions but didn't feel declining to cover was an appropriate decision. I guess they only like to insure healthy people !
    I would be interested to know if the mandatory insurance extends beyond O-A visas if there is talk of making it mandatory for all visas, or would cash equivalent of a Thb 400,000 deposit outside of the extension to stay requirements be acceptable ? ( seems like a business opportunity for the banks, for such deposits, perhaps to be drawable only on proof of medical costs or leaving Thailand). I'm sure at this point beyond O-A visa it will still be speculation though.

  8. Hi Simon.
    I think a lot of people get frustrated and angry about health insurance due to uncertainty.
    For example,I apply for insurance and fill out the application to the best of my ability and knowledge. I get accepted and pay the agreed amount and say a yr or two I get admitted for some surgery. When it comes time for the insurance company to pay up,the inform you that it was a pre existing condition and are not liable.
    Personally I think that if you take out a policy and the insurance company takes your money,they are required to pay up for any medical expenses you may encounter up to your policy limit. Not say it was a pre existing condition,as you the policy holder may not have known about the condition prior to taking out the policy.
    I see many post on Facebook and Thai visa regarding this exact situation,people just want a fair go. If for example I wanted to take out a policy with PC at my age 56. I would fill out the form to the best of my knowledge,tell them I have had a few skin cancers removed,had prostate surgery 1yr ago,had a hernia 20 yrs ago. But to my knowledge I have no other issues I am aware of at this time. So I would expect to have full cover for anything that comes up now. How can we be 100% certain that this will happen, maybe go for a medical check up before being accepted.
    I think you get the picture,but I can imagine how pissed of and frustrated I would be if thinking I was covered. Then to be told sorry it was pre existing.

  9. Off subject a bit mate, but do you know much about this new TM 30 reporting to immigration every time you go and stay in another province BS? Thanks for any info, because I can't seem to get anything solid on it really.

  10. From what i see over sixty five your going to pay huge rates to insurance companies. Look what they have done to America .People cant afford health insurance there and its going the same way in Australia. I am afraid it will be the end for those other than Americans who think its cheap here. The costs always rise as they did in Australia.

  11. I believe there is zero chance that insurance will be accepted from outside of the "approved" Thai companies. A simple overnight visit away from your home turned into a huge mess (TM30) let alone looking into individual policies from different countries in different languages to determine if they meet the minimum requirements. If you want to stay, be prepared to pay. About 6 months ago I researched the Thai companies and got quotes from several non-Thai companies. For someone my age (71) the non-Thai companies provided almost 70 times the coverage at only two times the premium. Not a good value.

  12. I’ve got an O-A already in my passport but have not yet arrived. Be interesting to see what happens when I do. I’ve got American insurance which I refuse to give up because of the deal I’m getting. It covers me in Thailand but who knows if they’ll recognize it. I can’t afford to pay for two policies, that’s just nuts.

  13. Hey Simon, had to take my wife to the Paolo Private Hospital this week. Including a 5 minute consultation & medication we were charge 2000 Baht about $100 Aus. The same in Australia probably we would have been bulk billed and wouldn’t have been out of pocket! Maybe just for the medication. She’s fine now so well worth it!

  14. Hello Simon, can you cover pre-existing conditions? Will the person with a known pre-existing condition pay the same premium as others, with the condition that re-occurrence of that specific pre-existing condition will NOT be covered? Like a heart attack and heart surgery. What about previous cancer, for example prostate cancer that was cured. Would ALL types of cancer in the future for that person be considered pre-existing?

    Second, can you cover what happens to the price of the insurance after age group 61-65? The insurance company promises that they will not drop you – "Guarantee Renewability", but how much do the premiums increase at age 65, 70, 75, etc? How affordable is it to keep the policy when you're older than 65?

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