45 thoughts on “Texas Gets Emergency Universal Healthcare For Winter Storm

  1. In 1998 in quebec, power went out for 5 weeks in montreal because of a major freezing rain event. We went through -30 degrees in the month of January. Solidarity kicked in within hours. The governament was awesome. Helped everyone who needed it day one. Oh by the way we have univeraal health care. So it wasn't an issue. The government was able too prioritize what was important and we pulled through ok. You people, a little snow falls and its the end of the world. Hey asswipes. Get your shit together. Force your government to give you the services you deserve.

  2. Love that the reason Kyle is pushing for free health care is because there is a pandemic. Bro…you should have free health care even when there isn't a pandemic. The pandemic should not be the reason for free health care.

  3. wait so texas got shipped millions of bottles of water and FEMA assistance and universal healthcare but Flint is still suffering from irreparable lead poisoning and the eroding pipes still haven’t been replaced?

  4. What happened? They can’t pull themselves up by their bootstraps? The entire country should have had this many years ago. Like every single industrial country in the world.

    They are doing this because Texas has a lot of electoral votes. This is the only reason it’s happening.

  5. It makes perfect sense, Kyle. The winter storm emergency will last, what, a few weeks? A month at most? The pandemic has been going on for about a year now and will continue to be an issue for probably the rest of the year at least. It all comes down to money. Texas will not cost that much in the greater scheme of things. The whole country is waaaaaaay to much for the peeps in charge to even consider. While they take full advantage of their socialized medical care!

  6. LOL I live in Texas and they did nothing to give anyone medical care even with this declaration. They are just gonna keep hurting us all until the entire thing collapses. Enjoy your time and your family, this cannot keep going on for long. We are near collapse. They will do nothing to stop it, they can only accelerate each new crisis, in the name of greed and profit.

  7. I moved back to Texas from Minnesota and it is a mess down here. Most people I meet make less than $40k a year and somehow they believe themselves at the same level or on the same track as their billionaire/millionaire heroes. It is so hard to fight against all this propaganda that has brainwashed most.
    I believe that if small grassroots org's. would start in the poorer communities in these red states the poor and working poor would open their eyes. It will take years of deprogramming but I think it can be done.
    Right know I am sure most progressives in Texas feel like lone soldiers trying their best to spread the word….which at times feels like punching brick walls. When are we going to organize…like really organize. Not some politician or rich guy starting a pac or some bull like that…but more like Cesar Chavez time….No more grapes Chavez, not the other one…lol.

  8. Sorry Kyle, but this is not universal care, the declaration does not have all covered under medicare. The declaration is simply allowing FEMA to host sites where medicare, medicade, and CHIP enrolled individuals can receive treatment. People must have already been enrolled in these health programs.

    "To help support vulnerable populations, the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response and CMS are supporting the state’s efforts to ensure sufficient healthcare items and services remain available to meet the needs of individuals enrolled in Medicare, Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program."

  9. The place is Libby, Montana because of asbestos poisoning.

    BTW the town was 95% white…unlike Flint, Michigan, which is 95% POC…who have gotten NO such aid now or under the former crooked governor Rick Snyder…who should be charged for a felony but looks like he’ll just get a slap on the hand.

    President Obama visited the area, took a sip of (filtered) water and declared there was no state of emergency…Obama’s stupidly selfish act left many voters home in 2016…and that’s one of the reasons Trump could sneak under the fence.

    Tens of thousands of children ingested lead poisoned water and for years they will have serious mental impairment and as they get older behavioral disorders. All the while the white section of the Michigan population didn’t get the lead poisoned water. Crooked Snyder made sure the POC got turned off from the clean water (even though originally they both shared the same water), Snyder had water from one of the most filthiest sources pumped into the homes of POC…from Lake Michigan.

    Still no Universal Healthcare for them.


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