Surface Pro X review: heartbreaker


The Surface Pro X is the Windows 10 computer Microsoft has tried to make for years. It is a beautiful, well-made hybrid tablet device that runs on an ARM …


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  1. Some of the app compatibility issue will resolve now that there is a real computer running arm. It's a demonstration of commitment.

    Give it some time and at least major companies will adapt.

  2. So, I actually have one of these and I will say that nothing said here is not true. I will say it is a little misleading. For an average user or a user that is looking to have a very light and great productivity machine to just throw in your bag and go. It is really good. I see this as something that I can use instead of an iPad Pro, which I think is the real competition here. I agree there are apps that don't run, but I own an iPad Pro as well and it has many challenges. If you want a machine that is basically an iPad Pro, that has a real file system and ports. You can actually type on and sure watch some Netflix on the plane (Compiled for ARM) then it is an actual contender. If you want a powerhouse computer with full windows app support and do Adobe Suite, then not the machine for you. For me, I need Visio more than Adobe and the iPad just isn't doing that… Maybe that is an App Gap for the iPad Pro….

  3. It's basically a very large cell phone with a cheap physical keyboard and tacky stylus, but nobody wants to realize that. Also, windows tablets are literally useless as you'll never use it in tablet mode, EVER.

  4. Hahahahah this is why I'm giving up on Windows because most the apps I need are phone apps and I only use my Surface Pro 2017 i5 128GB just for browsing, using Microsoft apps e.g. Word, PowerPoint, excel.

  5. MicroSD card is not available… oK… but there is no headphone jack as well? … alright sorry, don't have money to buy another MICROSOFT WIRELESS HEADPHONES FOR THIS!!

  6. developer wont develop apps for windows on arm anymore.because too risk and microsoft always betrayed their own ecosystem, example : windows mobile, windowsphone7 , windowsphone 8, windows RT and 8, zune apps, games for windows live.

    when apple doing their trasition from powerpc to intel x86. they made special labs on apple campus to give facility for developer to emulate powerpc apps for x86 and that facility help research for developer to develop program that compatible for both for x86 and powerpc. because apple wont sacrifice experience.

  7. It's better to do a research on the issues rather than what it can do. I learned this the hard way. My Surface Pro 3 didn't go past three years after its battery bulged and pushed the touch screen to detach from its frame. Yes, it's a heartbreaker. My heart broke why such a premium product will have this kind of problem after I paid a premium price for it. I have ipads and other tablets and they did not have this kind of battery problem. I will never buy another Microsoft product nor I will recommend one.

  8. Its their second attempt to mobile market. Attract app developers in their ARM architecture and hopefully gradually be able to deVelop smartphone around. Don't know if they will succeed but definitely moving in the right direction.

  9. I just bought a Surface Pro 7, and to be frank I think that Microsoft made the wrong bet this generation.

    The Pro 7 is a fantastic machine, but Microsoft should have put an Intel Icelake CPU in the Pro X, and put the Qualcomm ARM SoC in a refresh of the Surface Go. The SQ1 outperforms the Pentium in the Go, and with LTE I think they could have gotten away with charging $550 for that device.

    Instead, we got the Pro X with mediocre performance and limited app compatibility, which really only appeals to people who value the design or LTE over a cheaper, faster, more versatile Surface Pro 7.

    And we have the Pro 7, which is frankly not different enough from the Pro 4/5/6 for most people to upgrade. I bought the Pro 7 for better GPU performance, better Wi-Fi, and USB-C, but there aren't that many people who are going to do that.

    The Pro 7 feels like the XPS 7590. Three generations ago, both stood out in the market for their design and performance. Today, they are both just good enough to be competitive in the market, but there are more options now than ever.

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