Support For Obamacare Grows In New Poll | Morning Joe | MSNBC


The share of the American public who wants to see the Affordable Care Act repealed has dropped since January, according to a new Politico/Morning Consult …


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  1. NO HEALTHCARE insurance will be "affordable" — until the useless IDIOTS in the District of Corruption (D.C.) do an indepth investigation as to why American hospitals are GOUGING Americans with OVERBLOWN medical care costs — in the first place — duh!!!

  2. Watching the discussions about Obamacare and the rage at the town halls I am happy living in a country where i don't have to worry about getting sick. We have universal health care in my country as must European countys has. Listen to Bernie.

  3. ok! republicans make up your minds already even you want to keep ACA or your wall which is it going to be because you can't afford both and trust me Mexico ain't paying for your wall, ok!

  4. All this could be solved if Americans weren't so uptight about taxes.  Pay your taxes and then you can provide health care AND maybe even help your debt.  When Republicans scare you over tax increases, it's really because their rich friends will get the biggest tax increases…

  5. Ay first I didn't but then I understood why, ideologically, a public health care looked so scary for american society. But it seems that now that they have had a taste of it, they find they like it. And who wouldn't??

  6. Obama was able to increase coverage with less cost to the government so no it is not impossible. The only way to do more than that is a single payer plan.

  7. What was that dumb thing about the Koch brothers? I'm in Wichita, I'm from Wichita, I know what Koch money in politics looks like. Wichita is not a wasteland, nor surrounded by barbed wire with no internet no phone lines and, oddly enough, we have an airport and – GASP! – the USPS, UPS, and FedEx. I know, out here in no man's land, how could Davey and Chuck possibly make it out of Wichita to influence politics with power and money? How could they push agendas in the Republican party all the way out in the middle of the country?

  8. Republican Joe and the establishment don't want you to know there IS an answer; Medicare for All would cost our country $5.4 BILLION Dollars LESS! (Journal of American Internal Medicine, Feb. '17). It's just that then the powerful insurance corporations would have to get off their gravy train. We are not commodities! Why are corporatists and their golden parachutes worth more to Republicans than us?

  9. do something positive yourself for our country
    all you do is bash trump
    we are sick of your negativity
    be productive cuz you two are sickening to listen to.
    try making better changes yourself? ..there's a challenge for you two……instead of bashing our president !

  10. In 2005, George W. Bush Junior wanted to privatize social security. He tried hard to sell the idea, he even went on a national tour to promote it. 4 years later he finished his second term, with an approval rating of 18 to 20 %, the social security privatization never happened, and if people were asked to characterize him in a single word from their hindsight viewpoint in 2017, people would come up with a variety of answers, but my choice is and I suspect many others would choose "unlamented".

    I see parallels to the current issue of removal of a health care programme and it's replacement with something which every sign points to being cheaper, meaner, covering less people and to those it does to a lesser extent. There may even be a Koch Doctrine small government agenda at play, and the first battle will be to force the House and Senate majorities to admit that there will be no replacement.

  11. The ill informed American public, who have been trained over their entire lives to think no deeper than what is fed to them in a 30 second TV ad spot, do not have the ability to make rational decisions on complex issues.  Even if the promoters of capitalist values are correct when they assert that the market approach to providing goods and services is the "best" (a term so vague that it is useless) of all possible production systems (which it is not), that still doesn't mean that it is also the "best" of all possible distribution systems …. that a few, some, lots, or even most of the individuals living in that society are not going to be losers … which in the case of health care means anything from lower quality of life to shorter lives.

  12. "Healthcare isn't a human right." Right?? NOW they realize they've screwed themselves with their ignorance and hatred. The idea of HELPING EACH OTHER is communism. Screw the other guy, I've got mine. Many of these people are the working poor. Unbelievable.

  13. I am malaysian. We have private health care where you pay for it privately by insurance and we also have public healthcare that is payed for and subsidized by taxpayers, all malaysians rich and poor are eligible for public health care. The waiting lines may be longer but at least poor people have access to health care… People who have higher income are not protesting to take away healthcare from poor people to save tax money because health care is a fundamental right… We may not be a rich country but at least a poor farmer who suddenly gets cancer does not go bankrupt for his surgery and chemotherapy… Our healthcare prices are affordable to be subsidized because the public healthcare buys generic medications from india which is thousands of times cheaper than american drugs

  14. so funny… they voted for Trump but they want Obamacare… what did you expected really ? dumb voters got what they deserve ! make America great again ! next time think about it before voting for a racist and populist figure…

  15. We don't have a direct democracy so how many people support Obamacare is irrelevant.

    The fact remains is that Obamacare should have been thrown into the trashcan as soon as it became clear only what I call sheeplecrats would vote for it.

  16. People need to start asking these representatives (and other Federal Employees) where they get their medical coverage. …..and why we can't have the same.

    To save money, we should repeal their medical coverage…..they can better afford to go without.

  17. Neo liberal economic orthodoxy demands that the quality of health, education, housing & economic opportunity is in direct proportion to what you can afford. You get what you deserve & you deserve what you get.There's winners & losers & they're born as such.

  18. Why republicans are afraid to talk the people if they have better healthy care. To replace Obama care. It seems allot of polices and shadow Btw even if Obama care is good enough why they don't just improve it and make the way they said give the people lot of options . Now look the first time cars produce come to the market was not perfect BMW it improved The first time phones come it was not iPhone not same as today , everything improved got to change for better way. I don't understand the whole notion replace and don't show the public what they have. I don't thing their is good attention in their mind for replacing Obama care is it politics.

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