Sudden Death Quiz – Can you finish this impossible quiz?

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Question 1: What does a lionfish have in its spiny fins?
Answer a: Poison
Answer b: Ink
Answer c: Food
Answer d: Water

Question 2: The Brady Bill is named for James Brady, the White House press secretary shot during an assassination attempt on whom?
Answer a: Carter
Answer b: Reagan
Answer c: Kennedy
Answer d: Ford

Question 3: Although the Askesian Society was best known for sniffing laughing gas, it was here that English pharmacist Luke Howard presented his scheme for dividing what meteorological phenomenon into stratus, cumulus and cirrus?
Answer a: Raindrops
Answer b: Clouds
Answer c: Rainbows
Answer d: Hurricanes

Question 4: What black star, who most certainly cannot see clearly now, sang Johnny Nash’s “I Can See Clearly Now” on SNL?
Answer a: Ray Charles
Answer b: Jimi Hendrix
Answer c: Aretha Franklin
Answer d: James Brown

Question 5: In tech talk what is a “Blackberry”?
Answer a: Handheld Device
Answer b: Computer Screen
Answer c: Vacuum
Answer d: Black Car

Question 6: In cricket, what is the position directly behind the wicket called?
Answer a: Silly Point
Answer b: Bowler
Answer c: Keeper
Answer d: Mid Off

Question 7: Which European country is Portugal’s only neighbor?
Answer a: France
Answer b: Spain
Answer c: Greece
Answer d: Italy

Question 8: Muhammad Ali refused to fight in which war?
Answer a: Korean War
Answer b: Vietnam
Answer c: WWI
Answer d: WWII

Question 9: What is a means of transmitting and receiving radio waves?
Answer a: File Transfer Protocol
Answer b: Ambient
Answer c: Absolute Pressure
Answer d: Amplitude Modulation

Question 10: What is the name of the process of filling a mold with a liquid material that will form a sculpture?
Answer a: Push
Answer b: Pour
Answer c: Pull
Answer d: Press

Question 11: A buck, or male deer, is also called a what?
Answer a: Stag
Answer b: Ewe
Answer c: Mare
Answer d: Stud

Question 12: Classification is a tricky business, but many botanists put which of these edibles in the amaryllis family, along with shallots, chives and leeks?
Answer a: Onion
Answer b: Grapes
Answer c: Beets
Answer d: Carrots

Question 13: What physical feature was a trademark of Mikhail Gorbachev, who led the Soviet Union from 1985-91?
Answer a: A Hairstyle
Answer b: A Birthmark
Answer c: A Glass Eye
Answer d: An Extra Finger

Question 14: What is damage to the brain called, in a medical context?
Answer a: Spirometer
Answer b: Bronchospasm
Answer c: Epileptic Seizure
Answer d: Cerebral Trauma

Question 15: Leonardo da Vinci was well known for making paintings on what theme?
Answer a: Religious Events
Answer b: Lakes And Rivers
Answer c: Sporting Events
Answer d: French Museums


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Sudden Death Quiz – Can you finish this impossible quiz?

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