Study Finds Video Games Benefit Mental Health (Nerdist Now)


According to a new scientific study from the University of Oxford, video games can benefit your mental health. Unless you’re us playing Overwatch, in which case …


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  1. Hmm this is assuming of course that "happiness" is all there is needed for good mental health. Because you can archive "happiness" by snorting cocaine but nobody will claim that as being good for mental health.

    Then there is also the aspect that games only give you fake achievements that don't add any other value to your life apart from said "happiness".

    I'm not against games but don't sugar coat this study.

  2. Responsible gaming is great. It doesn't surprise me at all that there are studies suggesting benefits of playing video games.
    Playing video games (just like any other hobby) can be detrimental to mental health and overal quality of life when people play video games so many hours in the day that it comes at the cost of fulfilling daily responsibilities or pursuing other interests.

  3. If you’re talking about the Typical Games I don’t know I haven’t played any in years. But if you’re talking about just any ‘Video Games’ in General that would be the Unconventional ‘Free Cell’ for just the Simple Fact that You Could Regret it in Real Life, and it some Relaxes Me, it even helped out during Serval Tornado Warnings/Scars/Threats that thankfully hasn’t happened for this year alone, and so on. And finally the last Reasons why I enjoy it is because when ever I Win I somehow feel Invincibly Smart almost a Genus or at the very least Not Dumbest Person on the face of this Planet, and at the same time it Helps me think, and in the past I even got some Story Ideas just by playing it. And for me personally it’s an Easy Pick Up And Play Game, and it’s Not all that Default To Master Either at least not for me. It only took me my Second or Third Game to Master with out Relying on the Hand Holding.

  4. Animal crossing IS NOT a ”capitalism simulator” -an agriculture simulator perhaps, but that's it. The best ”capitalism simulator” I've seen is The Division. (or at least the failure of capitalism as we are seeing IRL)

  5. Gaming in general. Is very healthy. Very beneficial to your brain because we can learn many things at once. Especially role playing game. Its like reading book. Rather than imagining anything in your brain. You have better visual, better story telling, better emotion, and also you can choose an option to alter the story. Which is great. One thing i learn is that, hurting somebody not only hurt their physical but also their mental and heart. This give me an insight, not to hurt anybody unless to protect myself. Bein good is more rewarding. Guess what, i learn all of that just with the game.

  6. The lads at RKG have been doing a 3 part series with guests speaking about how gaming is a great tool for supporting mental health, now more than ever (Games are Good for You). Very much recommend you check it out.

  7. WHO 2019: Video Gaming is a disease
    WHO 2020: OH!!! We forgot what a real disease is like. Correction Carry On playing Games.

    I can't find it but a popular UK publication went so far as calling video games an epidemic… just a months before Covid surfaced.
    WHO even even partnered with video game companies to promote game play together during the crisis.

  8. He'll yeah I'm a mum i know I play 😇but not those games need games more challenging 🙄i always go back to old AC any of them and for fun its final fantasy right now I need to strengthen my battalion crap I'm dying 🥺and my child grew up fine in dysfunctionality🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥mean normal😬

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