‘Stranger Things’ Star Finn Wolfhard Talks Kissing Millie Bobby Brown | TMZ TV

Finn Wolfhard aka Mike on “Stranger Things” might’ve been his co-star Millie Bobby Brown’s official first kiss, but she wasn’t his. SUBSCRIBE: …


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‘Stranger Things’ Star Finn Wolfhard Talks Kissing Millie Bobby Brown | TMZ TV

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  1. Are you guys really this gullible? You do realize they come up and ask to interview this kid right? And can plan the questions before they film it right? I mean if Finn didn't want to answer, he could just walk away. TMZ is the worst and I do agree with all the comments on the grossness of it all. But just don't be too naïve about hollyweird.

  2. If I had to be honest Finn is better then every other kid that was famous out their in this modern generation. he's not exploiting himself of his own body =jacob sotorious . he's not stupid and he's also mainly about being himself instead of using the Jordans fidget spinners and musically .this guy might give me some hope in humanity

  3. if a 27 year-old man told that to a 14 year-old girl, everybody would be shocked, so i think these comments are pretty unnecessary. i think that, as adults, you should understand how he felt…

  4. Why are they treating the stranger things casts like a bunch of 5 year olds, seriously they’re wayyyyy more mature then you guys omg smh

  5. How dare you tell him to "take it" when a 28 year old woman literally was creeping on him? It's fucking 2017 TMZ stop telling boys to take the compliment when getting sexualized

  6. Finn Wolfhard is more mature than all of y’all dumbasses in this office, so yeah you would love it if a model told you that but someone like him knows that it’s weird and disgusting.

  7. This is bad, real bad. For you guys to stand there and not even think about reversing the roles is disgusting. Howcome it’s ok for a women to do it to a young boy , but it’s unacceptable for a man to it to a young girl? He’s a kid, he might be older than me but I’m a smart eleven year old, and I know this is just horrific

  8. If it was a grown man hitting a girl up like this, everyone would go nuts. There would be no talk of "if a male model hit me up at your age, I would be so happy."

  9. What the fuck kind of dumb ass questions are these? Ask him something better, you head asses. Why ask him about what it's like kissing another teenager? And why ask him about the disgusting pedophile that tried to flirt with him? That's fucking wired and gross. Get some real questions ready before you asked some retarded ass bullshit like that.

  10. Why tf is TMZ following a 14 year old? Why are paparazzi following children in general? It’s creepy and just because they’re famous it doesn’t make it any less creepier

  11. These poor fucking kids. This is why I'm so against child acting and say we need to have stricter laws. They're still growing and learning; and to have to do that whilst also living this life, it's extremely hard.

  12. "Just came out?" She's mentioned it several times beforehand. And now you're basically advocating for Ali Michael, whom has essentially made herself out to be a pedophile. You wouldn't have shit like that to say if it had been a grown man talking about Millie Bobby Brown that way. Or maybe you would, since you're all scumbags. Stay the fuck away from these kids. They don't need you. Nobody ever has needed you.

  13. Ew smh.. why are you joking about it like that it’s not funny it’s disgusting and Finn literally said he felt uncomfortable about it, now you immature grown ass men are gossiping about a 14 year old boy and disregarding exactly what he said. I feel so sorry for child actors like Finn, adults totally out of line double his age asking him to hit them up, then gross men constantly on his back and telling him how he should feel , what other people are entitled to from him. Honestly grow up and get some morals

  14. I think folks need to leave these kids alone a bit. I mean, we don't want these kids having issues with people as we are crowding them a wee bit too much. These are kids. This is hollywood. Everyone chill and let them be kids.

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