Singapore Street Food Toa Payoh Hawkers

Toa payoh is a hidden gem where you can find many delicious and authentic hawker food in Singapore at affordable local prices. In fact many of them have …


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47 thoughts on “Singapore Street Food Toa Payoh Hawkers

  1. 19:15 is called an envelope ✉️ coz it shapes like one.. I remembered that they come in various flavours.. durian.. banana 🍌.. peanut 🥜 butter.. which is just had today. Easy to eat even if you’ve no teeth 🦷 coz it’s so thin and crisp

  2. I have actually a legitimate question. I seen so many people reviewing food. But how do you that. especially when you’re alone. Do you eat like everything. Or you just eat like a couple bites and save some for later? Beside that i love this kind of reviews it looks quitte filling to do this weekly/daily etc.

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