SIL Demands I Let Her Borrow My Husband & He Starts Looking For Child Support Bc We're Divorcing NOW

My sister in law demands I give her my husband because he is perfect father figure for her child and a perfect husband. I and my husband have 5 kids together …


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21 thoughts on “SIL Demands I Let Her Borrow My Husband & He Starts Looking For Child Support Bc We're Divorcing NOW

  1. Hahahahaha the psycho abuses the baby to the point she throws up on its "several thousand dollar Gucci shirt" that is "ruined" from some spit up that it caused by squeezing the baby, and it actually thinks it should be reimbursed for something it caused by deliberately hurting a baby and can certainly be cleaned unless it caused the baby to bleed! Hahahahaha GF'd!

  2. 1st story: Dude if it was me I confront him with it. Say the fucking words don't beat around the Bush. Put on crimson peak or game of thrones and drop words like eww isn't that sick if that was this day and age they'd be in prison. Heck threaten to go on to facebook. To get a straight answer.

  3. 1st story…..DAAANNNNGGG…they all need therapy and the wife needs to RUN ..LOL hubby thinks he can decide what to pay for child support…SNORT…yeah tell the judge that.
    The Gucci shirt —LMAO…well if you squeeze the cream filled kiind the filling tends to come out..she is just lucky it was the top and not the bottom of the little adorable donut that she squashed out. .
    Pics—like others have said,, ask the photog how much she would charge for them and double it.
    Wiccan—you owe her nothing have already thanked everyone for their support more than enough

  4. The first one, even if there is no incest going on, he is emotionally cheating on you. He has already made up his mind, given the unreasonable behavior & insults (shitty human/wife/mother) he has lost all respect & love for you. Sadly I am speaking from experience. I finally got my divorce via the ER. Look into moving on without him as your partner since he clearly is not. Hang in there, as much as you hurt, your kids need you to be the sane, mature adult here.

  5. The wife with the weird sister in law. before throwing the marriage out the door make sure he's heard about ALL the inappropriate things she's said and brought up. If you haven't opened up completely he is going on a lot less info. If he already knows, yeah call it over. I have a feeling he doesn't know and would understand just how your feelings are understandable.

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