Should Politics Be Kept Out of Metal?


In episode 17 of #50YearsofHeavyMetal, @grahamwire makes the case that, yes, #metal and #politics do go together. If you’re new, Subscribe!


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  1. The people who bitch about politics in music usually just disagree with the political views expressed by the artist. It's obvious. I'm glad because music is supposed to piss off the assholes.

  2. Metal is a community, tightly knit and banded together. Think of the message of W.A.N.Y.K. by Slipknot. Corey points out that no matter where you come from, race, sexuality, etc, that you are not alone. On a larger scale, that encompasses all metalheads. No one cares (or should care) about any of those things because what matters is the music. Keep in mind that you can listen to music you don't agree with. Politics are divisive, but metal is stronger than that.

  3. I like my metal dangerous. But it looks like everyone wants to be tolerant af nowadays, accepting every view and garbage that is around. Metal has become joke. There are not much serious bands out there imo. It's all party "metal" like Alestorm, Schlager "metal" like Sabaton, "metal" for kindergarten kids, deranged crap like Babymetal, black metalers being completely humanists. "We just want to have a good time and fun and get along well with everybody". I know pop and folk artists who are much darker and meaner than most of the metal stuff today. Probably only the Sadistik Exekution guys stayed true to themselves and tell you right in the face what they think without talking around, trying to not piss of even one single person or being remorseful just because they've said something rude or harsh towards something or somebody. Imagine hearing Kerry King say today "i think if 1,5 billion people would die, humanity as a whole and the earth would be better off, and i'm serious.", and not taking it back or apologizing for it, just because it's what he seriously thinks. I think some of you get what i mean.

  4. I like what James Hetfield once said, "Make up your own mind". Metal bands can have their opinions (and do) and it comes across in their music. But each individual needs to make up their own mind according to what they read and understand. Read widely, discover facts and make up your own mind. Don't let any band, any personality, any politician tell you what to think.

  5. A surprising fact: originally ordained in the US constitution, the Military was to stay out of any foreign dispute unless it directly threatened the US. So was Vietnam even our business? No. The Korean war? No. Middle east? Well yes and no, but that's a dispute for a different point. It seems if people were to read the constitution before running for any political office, it might unite the people more and we could all love each other a little more. However the only downside to staying out of international affairs, and I mean THE ONLY downside is that it takes a huge chunk of inspiration away for metal songs. Anyways, Fucking Slayer, have a banger evening

  6. Music is art and art is a reflection of life. If you’re a human being than politics affect your life on a daily basis. Do people objecting to their inclusion in metal think Black Sabbath weren’t being at all political with their music from the very beginning?

  7. Art is and will always be a tool for expression, teaching and honouring, it will always express ideas, philosphies and opinions, will always teach something or bring honour to something the artist like. I don't see why politics should be exempted from this. A lot of the music I listen to has a political or ideological message or is steeped in some ideology or philosphy, some that are in line with my own ideas, others contradicting my beliefs and I like both. Sometimes you have to be provoked and pulled from your comfort zone to learn something.

    As for artists themselves being political, outside of lyrical content or at shows, again, I fail to see the issue. As long as they play a proper playlist at concerts and make appealing music, I see no reason not to support them or be bothered by it. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and should be able to share it, so why would celebrities and artists be exempt?