Theresa may has stepped down so a leadership race is underway. Boris Johnston is the man to beat. While the Brexit party Surges in the National Polls!


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  1. Still don't trust Farage, it's not what he says it's what he doesn't say. Won't talk about Robin Tilbrook's pending High Court case stating that lawfully we left on the 29 March, doesn't mention EU military union, only grudgingly then talks about EU army which is not the plan yet, runs a mile when asked about the 'Bradbury Pound' and I've not heard him say anything about the brutality towards the yellow vest protestors in France and elsewhere, a subject which would illustrate why we need to leave the soviet styled EU.

  2. Rory Stewart just go and join the Labour Party we want out of the e.u. No deals, Britain is more than capable of running our own business, laws, immigration. We don’t need the devious E.U. We don’t want to pay them to tell us what we can or can’t do, we have lost so much ,industries, steel plants ,fishing rights, manufacturing all at the hands of the E.U.. We want to grow again get some pride in Britain you useless politicians have forgotten how to fight for our rights and independence

  3. Why is the fraudulent postal voting in the Peterborogh Bi-election not being investigated? There is every reason to believe that the Labour Party only won the seat by widespread fraudulent postal voting.

  4. Right at this moment Oliver Letwin is trying to pass a motion through parliament to enable parliament to stop a no deal, if this gets passed it will be the most important vote for Nigel Farage and the Brexit Party and we will see a surge in any election they will win and make Nigel Farage ia the PM and then we will get a no deal or we will force the government out.

  5. Peterborough was RIGGED. The Brexit Party won. It would be great to think that the rigging would be investigated and proved – but I'm not holding my breath….

  6. Nigel Farage went on utube saying he would not act or be prime minister whilst he still has a job getting us out of EU and wants to orchestrate from their Parliament in Brussels . He said he has been trying for 23 yrs from there once he realised their true reality agenda ( one world state domination stranglehold, then permanent slavery .) He saw that all choosing of officials there was secretive behind closed doors off the record——- well, well ,Brit folks. But strange he never alludes to obtaining a simple High or Supreme Court ruling on a point of law , to enforce the irretractable and permanently legally binding Enactment of Article 50 . Your MP’s have been blatantly ignoring that powerful closure ,asking for and illegally getting extensions of time , even confidently talking and voting illegally for another referendum directly acting against our constitution.
    Why oh why is the glib public allowing the very same people , to choose another PM to carry on the same delaying pantomime to frustrate until bludgeoned into letting an illegal DEAL with EU produce a Tentacled Shackled Same control from EU ,and tell the masses this is the best for the country ,and is a smoothest leaving/ but not really leaving AT ALL…..

  7. What kept the Tories in for so long was the fact that Corbyn was the only other (Dreaded) option. Now there is The Brexit party and at long last the people have a party to get behind. If the Tories are to survive they need to deliver a true Brexit and then bring a quick end to pushing the faces of the poor into the mud!!!!

  8. The reason why Nigel farage is lepping into the first place! Because he has a good party OF X MPs and BUISNES PEOPLE behind him! And the British people's can see this party is more than capable of delivering BRITEX AND DO A GOOD job of running Britain from No10. For the British people's! And Anne Marie waters TO BECOME A MP IN POLIMENT AS WELL!.BY the way good program!.

  9. With a set of communists in charge of the once-Labour Party, with no functioning Tory Party, and with a failure of the centre with only a geriatric running the lib dems, a charismatic nationalist like Fartrage has the field to himself and it is not surprising the Geezer is cleaning up!

  10. Yeah, yeah, yeah…….the national can't wait to put Anne Widdecombe back in government with her backward views on gayness. It will be like being governed by ISIS!

  11. None of those bullet points really address the problems in this country maybe the minimum wage point, but I wouldn't call that the most outstanding issue in most peoples lives currently.

  12. How can Nigel be are next priminister if he is not in the race for leadership… Is it anyway possible that this can happen? Houndog can this happens? How?

  13. If this sad clown got in the last five I would be deeply concerned.this clown Stuart is just another May in drag.he as doesn't care about what the people voted for.he just thinks the worst deal ever .is the best we can get.and is happy to push for the failed deal. Stuart is like May. After she as been on drugs for years.i would vote for corbyn if this clown make the last five.let alone the leader.

  14. Must be why the Brexit party has so many MPs and the reason they walked the recent by election in the wrong direction.
    Not one but Farage will become PM delusions by the bucket load.
    Who conducted the poll Cambridge Analitica.

  15. If anti semitism concerns you, why does Farage attract intolerance, racists and anti Semites everywhere he goes, like flies around shit?

  16. Farage will not win a general election for several reasons:
    a) the vote like UKIPs is very dispersed, resulting in large number of constituencies where he will come second – wasted votes.
    b) if he succeeds it will probably wipe out the Conservative party, resulting in a Labour+SNP+LibDem government.
    c) Voters will to some extent revert to traditional voting patterns in a general election.
    d) Fear of Corbyn will help the Tories.

  17. Good news…The struggles are still there to be won…Reforming The Establishment & Political old&dusty system…starting with a written Constitution…

  18. I don't like him but I will vote for him, he seems like our best chance of true democracy, he is a politician and a business man so I would never complicity trust him, but I do love almost everything he says. My Grandfather adored him, it is such a shame he never got to see the brexit he voted for.

  19. Rory Stewart is a favourite of Establishment remainers and his supposed recent popularity is fake news. The tory grassroots see him as a male Theresa May, he has nothing different to offer the country, and the Brexit party will knock seven bells out of him.

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