Sensational Cash Haul A Day Before Polls, I-T Recovers 1.4 Crore Cash In Tamil Nadu

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Sensational Cash Haul A Day Before Polls, I-T Recovers 1.4 Crore Cash In Tamil Nadu

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  1. Hindu tamilians are the most patriotic people in the world. DK , DMK , Naam thamizhar, missionaries , jihadis have been dividing the hindus by feeding them with fake Aryan invasion theory. Tamil patriots wake up to save Tamil Nadu from the anti national forcez.

  2. Hard n crunch time for ECI but keep a tight vigil on election mafias. Black money is coming out now.
    What happened to those who were exposed in sting operations recently?

  3. Most of them converted to Christianity and call themselves a Dravidian . Communist and Congress divided India into Aryan and Dravidian , north and south so they can divide India in a pieces which is the long time goal of Christian missionaries and Pakistan .

  4. These happening for very long time Tamilnadu and Kerala people give their vote for Rs 300 . If you are darkening your future for money so atleast make an demand which worth it

  5. Ec should stop elections now and remove all candidates and parties involve in this fraud and fraudsters have to thrown in jails and their property's including thier family members, party's should b made nationalized and do elections to only party's which were not doing any such frauds

  6. Didn't modi claim demonetisation and printing new currency in hindi stopped black money.
    How did these black money came on first place if modi demonetization stopped black money.?

  7. It's 7:20 AM right now. And there's a power cut (which is very rare here) in a posh area in Chennai right now. This is happening for the last 10 days. Something fishy?!😲😲😲😂😂

  8. Well done EC and BJP party.This is the beginning of the end of corruption. Take a nuteral stand EC, and spare not any party.This should be implemented for every election hence forth. We citizens aren't fools any more. Jaihind. It's a breath of relief. God Bless India.

  9. Can some intellectual from the DMK please enlighten the public about this political vendetta nonsense.
    The money you looted from the public of this state is caught by our brilliant IT people you call it vendetta.
    We call you thieves.way to go EC.
    Keep it up.they have more than our GDP. Get everything.

  10. DMK Money to buy votes
    Kanimozhi itself has been seen passing cash for Votes
    TN has to be one of the worst Cash for Votes state in India

  11. The south Indian states have become more corrupt and they is competition with each other in corruption. All the political parties in South are highly corrupt and we have seen CBN TDP Team in AP was distributing cash in AP and its shame and TDP,DMK and JDS are most corrupt parties.

  12. Cost of 1 vote varies from 500 to 2000 in my locality depending upon the number game. What kind of democracy we have !! we r getting corrupt leaders because of our own mistakes. Large number of people r being paid by politicians to caste votes in thier favour.

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