Secret Travel Tips From a FLIGHT ATTENDANT!


These are my TOP 12 BEST TRAVEL TIPS to surviving a long haul flight or any flight over 10 hours. As a Flight Attendant I’m always traveling for work or …


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  1. Many thanks for the great tips! I would add to bring a little squeeze bottle of nasal saline solution (less than 3.4 oz.) and use it frequently. Dry nasal passages are the perfect host for viruses. I don't know if this works any more but, after everyone was seated before a long international flight and while the fasten seatbelt sign was still off, I used to stand up in place and look around the cabin for unoccupied rows. The minute the fasten seatbelt sign went off, I'd make a beeline for one. I'd put the armrests up and, eventually, sleep. (Put the middle seatbelt on, even if you're lying down, just in case. And make sure your feet don't poke out into the aisle!)

  2. Worst flight I was on was a non-stop from Denamark to Tampa and number 10 and 11 was my salvation….. The flight attendants were AWESOME!!!!!! but I was in economy and you know how close the seats are in front of you so getting up is difficult to say the least so the dehydration part does help with less bathroom breaks lol. What made it worse was we were returning from a whirlwind tour of England, France and Germany so we were worn out. Could hardly get any sleep because, well it just wasn't very comfortable.

  3. Those r great tips…especially the water bottle is something I never minded…but when I think 'bout it in hindsight…at least now I know why flight attendants get annoyed easy by a passenger that gets 2-3 drinks(soft drinks within an hour befur decent)…and one or two snacks…as heck, even if I mostly traveled on buiz but in economy, and the only time I could sleep was after bording…I could have considered that the food service mostly is at the beginning of a flight…so should I ever do this again, this is a great tipp, to avoid putting extra stress on the cabin crew…taking a drink n snack with me.
    The toothbrush thing I knew…and did…but shaving on bord I just did once…like my luck, I just had started and turbulence was hitting.
    Great video…super sure to help prevent some issues, and keep everyone relaxed and healthy.

  4. Comfortable pants (definitely not jeans). My preference is cargo pants.
    Spare batteries for your noise canceling headphones. I carry spare AAA batteries in the headphone case.
    A pen for completing the immigration card you'll need to turn in before you collect your luggage and clear customs.
    If you can't sleep with your headphones on, (ex. side sleeper) then bring a pair of those foam earplugs that you stuff in your ear. They'll help cut down the background noise if you're going to sleep.

  5. Rebuttal to toothbrush/paste: Most airplane lavatory sinks usually have a sticker near the sink that reads: "Non-potable water". Think about that for a moment. Either wait until you get to the terminal OR take some sugar free, minty gum with you instead.

  6. Great tips. I fly from EZE to SFO once a month, I kinda hate the people who stand up and walk around tho :p (you're on an airplane already, you don't need to "go" anywhere else!). My favorite tip is I have a backpack with wheels with all the stuff I can't have in my checked luggage, plus the stuff I might need if they lose my checked luggage (extra underwear, etc). Inside the backpack, I also have another backpack (one of those super light ones that fold into a tiny pouch), with the stuff I need at my seat, like the noise cancelling headphone, and the thing I use to strap my phone to the seat in front of me to watch movies (I've seen all the movies in the in-flight system). So when I get to my seat, I take the backpack out of the backpack, I put the big backpack overhead, and the small backpack under the seat in front of me, and I have only the stuff I need there, so there's room for my feet 🙂

  7. I just love your channel. From someone who is ready to make a career change at 42 years old, from Sales to FA, I really can't thank you enough for all this great info. Especially days where you've vloged about multi flight days.
    I'm not sure I'm genius with my timing to switch to being a FA, considering the virus but, I'm determined and as patient as I will need to be.
    I'm guessing the big 4 mainlines here in the US are all slowing and stopping hiring right now. Do you think there's a chance hiring could pick up again for summer?
    May I ask, are they going to give you guys a green light to wear masks and gloves if this continues to get bad?
    Either way, please stay safe out there. I'm cheering for you and learning from you.

  8. Stella, just discovered your channel and I love it! Thank you for sharing all of this! I have a question and I hope u will see this comment. I am traveling with my service dog soon on a long flight, I got the extra space seat, but where is the best to sit, isle or window with a Labrador?