Science myths and health misconceptions | DW Documentary

We’ve all heard that a glass of wine a day is healthy or that spinach is a good source of iron. But what is true and what is a myth? There are many …


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Science myths and health misconceptions | DW Documentary

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  1. Leafy green vegetables are good for health and it's not about iron content. By calorie, they have a high percentage of plant protein, for example. They also have lots of vitamins and minerals, and probably also other healing components.

  2. Thank you for this documentary. I will however disagree about the contested myth that those children raised in an intellectual and intelligent parental education – with great music – do have a better chance of becoming more intelligent as their brain has been stimulated at an early age, resulting in children wanting to know and learn more.

  3. The diet thing is stupid because she just lied for profit to prove that the media lies? She really loses all credibility as a journalist when puts out information as truth knowing that she is lying and falsely making up facts…

  4. Of course our body can remove toxins… UNDER NORMAL circumstances, but if you eat toxic (processed or GMOs) food almost every day, the capacity of the body to clean itself becomes insufficient, and you NEED to do something radical to regain your health again, hence detox treatments.

  5. Actually the low iron content in spinach has to do with mineral depletion in soil………………….. in 1914 the iron content in spinach was 64 mg compared to 2.7 in 1994. And ALL detoxing is a myth..seriously?? This video and the medical professionals quoted in it disappoint me. This documentary is the epitome of misinformation. Thanks for creating even more confusion and disease! 👍

  6. glutamate 100% definitely causes migraines … Glutamate is the primary excitatory neurotransmitter in your brain …. and unfortunately eating too much of it will definitely result in migraines or even seizures as it is passed unchanged through digestion into your bloodstream and across the "blood brain barrier".

    If you eat a heaping spoonful of the stuff the least of your worries will be the initial headache.

    … and no it's not an allergy, or some sort of issue specific to certain people "sensitive" to MSG.

    A heaping spoonful of MSG to your brain is like a giant shot of insulin would be to your metabolism … that is in large quantities it's certainly a poison.

  7. People are being tricked,…!!! We only listen to the things we want to hear. I LOVE THIS DOCUMENTARY. Because it shows facts I talked about while cooking online. Like me now, I did not want to hear that a glass wine daily in not healthy, only because alcohol makes me feel good.

  8. Spinach is actually very healthy. Just check out the nutrients. 32% of iron per 100 gramms over 230% Vitamin A Beta-Carotin 50 % Vitamin C …. so for a plant spinach has got a big amount of iron. I dont know where´s here the myth…? Only children could call spinach a "miracle veg"…. C´mon, you are grown up.

  9. Wait until everyone learns about the low fat myth. They'll have a real hard time wrapping their heads around that one!

  10. the greatest myth that people believe in is a story about jesus and his exploits a someone who can walk on the surface of lake ..make water out of wine without chemical lab and knowledge …and even someone who is able to cure uncurable diseases …diseases that he has been created himself as a creator of everything in this universe

  11. Very interesting. There’s comment that the report could have been done in about twenty minutes. That’s true, but I like the longer format, with varied pacing, encouraging me to have my own thoughts as the programme progresses. Many thanks.

  12. I'm sorry but any documentary that wants to lecture us that man made climate change is some sort of fact, and that US media is so fair and balanced (it's famously Partisan) and because they give a voice to the counterpoint peoples believe it, that's when I stop watching.

  13. Science is not a democracy it doesn't matter if 97% believe this or that they could still be wrong perpetuating the myth of democracy in science is another issue with media

  14. If people can debunk scientific myths, why can't they debunk religion, the biggest and longest-lasting myth of all?? Or is it because the debunkers themselves need something to believe in…

  15. surprise ! "popeye" is a fictitious cartoon character,from the 1920's and when he ate his spinach he bugged out violently like who' ever believed that ?

  16. Science myths and health misconceptions ITS all about selling a product any bull shit about it will do to "make" people think they need it and like sheep follow the leaders as it is "social necessity" (In my day it was called keeping up with the Joneses)

  17. Science Myths is a good name. This documentary speaks many science myths of its own. First of all, vitamin c may prevent colds and shorten their duration, or it may not. It has yet to be properly tested. The tests referenced in this documenatary never tested the direct effects of high dose vitamin C in relation to the percentage of humans with rhinovirus. This documentary seeks to paint all types of detox as a myth, based on the excessive methods used in a single spa. "The liver and kidneys are perfectly capable of detoxifying the body," says their so-called expert. This is true, however, a large segment of our population lives with compromised liver and kidney function. Case in point, fatty liver disease in children has reached an epidemic level to the point of being the second highest cause of liver transplants behind chronic alchololics. Due to fatty liver disease, 13 year olds are now getting liver transplants. There are methods of detox that don't cleanse the body, but heal and improve the functions of our livers and kidneys. To discredit them because of one sham spa is criminal. The documentary tells you not to believe something, because someone in a white lab coat says it's true. Then they tell you to believe their person in a white lab coat when they say tha global warming is a result of humanity without offering a shred of scienctific data to back up the statement. Instead, their so-called expert says that there is a consensus among scientists. First of all, a consensus is not scientific fact. There was once a consensus that the Earth was flat, that consensus didn't make it true. Second of all, the consensus coounts the opinion of non-scientists as scientists. Third of all, most real scientists participate in this consensus through the duress of being ruined and/or never being funded again. Just the ridiculous statement of American media not being biased in favor of global warming (what planet is she living on?) is enough to discredit their so-called expert and expose her as a whacko. I've been a scientist for 35+ years and can unequivocally tell you that there is no such thing as real science anymore. These days science is politicized by government and private interests. Even double blind and controlled studies are compromised and are manipulated with the end in mind. The few studies that are honest and come out with a result opposite of the intended result are never published.

  18. our brains are very powerful….. use them….. our bodies let us know how we feel and what we need. its a shame some people are not taught how to get in touch with what our bodies need. Like finishing college and not being taught about life in the world and how to cope or make decisions on just normal responsibilities. 🙂

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