Schmidt: The Brokenness Of The Political System Resulted In The Election Of Trump | Deadline | MSNBC


Former Republican strategist and advisor to Howard Schultz Steve Schmidt on the political newcomer, what to expect in 2020, and how Trump changed the …


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  1. Say what you like. Schmidt is right about George Washington's warning in the middle of his published Farewell Address regarding political parties leading to despotism. I'm no fan of Schultz but his point is accurate, fear keeps the dysfunctional bi-partisan system in play. These poor professional talking-heads are beside themselves with even the thought of something different, other than that status-quo. It's so obvious once you take off the party hat (whichever one you wear) it's a lose-lose game right now. The message is sound, too bad the messenger is so hated. America will die bi-partisan if we don't change our ways. God bless US all.

  2. Nicole….you are misspeaking an old French expression from the early Middle Ages…”Le Coup De Grace” implies you are being tortured and to end your torment you will be put to death with a last deadly blow.
    it is “le coup de grace” not the coup de gras….gras means fat in French.
    You must pronounce the word “grace” as you would the word grace in English….but with a open A. GRAAAACE

  3. You know what? I was cringing about Howard Schultz until Steve Schmidt listed what he has done for the employees of Starbucks. And then he said the magic words, capitalism with a conscience. That could be Schultz mantra.

  4. Shultz is worse than Trump! Trump isn't hiding who he is, unfortunately. If Trump wins Shultz would collect hundreds of millions in tax breaks. Please people stop voting for ideological billionaires who are bored so they run for office. Shultz sells coffee and Trump is a real estate tycoon. They don't know how to run a country. Do you call your dentist to fix your car? We need to hire a professional with experience to run the Country.

  5. Take heed lest the world beguile you as it beguiled the people who went before you! Observe ye the statutes and precepts of your Lord, and walk ye in this Way which hath been laid out before you in righteousness and truth. They who eschew iniquity and error, who adhere to virtue, are, in the sight of the one true God, among the choicest of His creatures; their names are extolled by the Concourse of the realms above, and by those who dwell in this Tabernacle which hath been raised in the name of God. -Baha'u'llah

  6. Since the bible is one long unequivocal lie, it’s no surprise that Donald Trump, the most prolific lier of all time, is supported by bible believers. If they’re gullible enough to accept an invisible tyrant in the sky, which they obviously are, it makes perfect sense they’d accept a real tyrant on earth – at least he’s not invisible?

  7. This clown can make all the points he wants, we're NOT buying. The bottom line is, in a 3 way fight (if he gains enough support) Drump will have better odds of winning. We can't risk that.

  8. The whole "Not another billionaire" argument is unbelievably dumb. Is there anyone in this comment section who SERIOUSLY believes that the Clintons made their money more honestly than did Schultz? Well?

  9. Steve Schmidt's presence is the proof that Schultz is, at least, not a phony. Just admit it: you aren't attacking him because he is a bad man, you are attacking him because he is a competitor.

  10. How to fail in a few easy steps… Be arrogant and out of touch and put the interests of the elite above those of the people… And, if you can, only consult sycophants… Once you have done this, just shoot yourself in the foot repeatedly… Candidacy over!

  11. Schultz is just another insulated Billionaire. We need Government reform. He has been vocal about opposing free higher learning for all. That is a huge investment in our Nation's future to be competitive. We have all this cash dumped into Military for regional destabilization for big Corporate profits (the vets get shafted in the end), Billions of dollars wasted on Campaigning to perpetuate a broken system. Free college is a good thing. Student debt is crippling our citizen's chance at a profitable future. The USA sucks statistically, globally on education. That is just one issue. Not to mention Staryuck's coffee is swill. Maxwell House filtered twice is still better than that garbage.

  12. I cant get a load of this Steve Schmidt guy, he is on TV and Schultz are on TV shouting their stupidity at us yes complaining that people are shutting them up. News flash Idiots you are on TV shouting and this disproves all your complaining, people not liking you is not a violation of your rights.

  13. America has already had one "businessman" as president; does anyone want to risk another? For all their faults, professional politicians who have been in the game at state or federal level know what they can and can't and should and shouldn't do; it's their job, their career, and while they will often put party before country, they can generally be considered a safe pair of hands, and will have learned to listen to and heed their advisers. People like Trump, on the other hand, and many others in the GOP who support him, seem to think they can do what they like, because they've always been able to do what they like to get their own way………… I have been appalled by the attitudes of McConnell, Ryan, Graham, to name a few, over the last two years; I had never realised the depth of what appears to be , at best, a form of triumphalism, and at worst, an abhorrence of anything and everything that does not conform to their views…….it is similar in some ways to the worst aspects of the ideology of Nazi Germany, where Hitler's way, and the Nazi supremacy was embraced as the only way, even by people who knew better…………and look how that ended up. Right wing politics is fine, where it is tempered with common sense and decency towards all the citizens and political opponents in a state, but where you have obvious hatred, racism, nepotism, fundamentalism, pathological lies, attacks on the Press, and corruption emanating from the top down…..AND YOU HAVE!!!!!……'s time for a reality check. Wake up before it's too late.

  14. Two days on from watching this clip, I still find myself incredibly disappointed in Steve Schmidt. Surely, as a strategist he would know that the optics of a billionaire businessman is so not what America wants or needs after what Trump has put the country through. I've previously enjoyed Schmidt's insightful commentary but I cannot understand why he would back this particular person.

  15. Why doesn't the Coffee Guy enter the discourse of a candidature for the Dems? Obviously his running outside the Dems ticket is to aid Trump. If he wanted to be President he would enter the Dem race. He knows full well what an independent run would mean for the stats. and not every industry setor has the mark-up of coffee to hand out college educations, as noble and gracious as that is for this self-proclaimed conscience capitalist.

  16. I've been saying for some time that the electoral college needs to be abolished and the two-party system needs to be replaced with a multi-party system. I don't think Howard Schultz is qualified to be president at all, but the introduction of a multi-party system would give him an equal chance to win. Even if Trump were to win in 2020, it wouldn't necessarily be his fault.

  17. Democrats are trying to bully Howard Schultz but they are about to find out that he is tough and he is a fighter. He will not back down and he is going to fight for the sane people in this country that believe in capitalism, that believe people shouldn't be punished for their success, and that believe that we shouldn't be running up massive amounts of debt that our children will have to pay for just to get votes from lazy, uneducated people who have no intention of contributing to this country and only want a handout.

  18. More LIES, Our Man Trump was ELECTED not because of a broken political system, but because of his MESSAGE!! These FOOLS are deceiving themselves once again!! STOP LYING about how Trump got elected, WE the AMERICAN PEOPLE wanted him….PERIOD!!

  19. OK, so Howard Schultz is a socially minded capitalist billionaire – but you can count those on the fingers of one hand!
    He would probably try his best to maintain the status quo, leaving the field open to all the other self-centered billionaires to continue exploiting the US public. A very sobering thought.

  20. Schultz should start holding rallies. Wanna be Trumper. And if he supports equality, health care for his company, and education and stock, then the progressives YOU ARE! Yay, another hypocrite talking out of both sides of his face. Again, hold a rally.

  21. it's not the system, well apart from all the money sloshing around, it's the asshats everyone voted for.
    Besides Shultz would be totally alone and get zero support from either party anyway.

  22. Schultz is just (one) of those fat-cat billionaires who profited greatly by those Trump tax cuts. This guy, is not just a spoiler…he's in bed with Trump. Wake up America.

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