Sanders highlights health care plan after debate

WATCH THE FULL DEBATE: Sen. Bernie Sanders explains the key differences between his proposed health …


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Sanders highlights health care plan after debate

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    If only they asked that with the same zeal when they want to go to yet another 10 trillion dollar war, or increase the military budget by 100 billion dollars.

  2. I find it sad that Joe Rogan a comedian and MMA fight announcer asks better and more fair questions of a political candidate than the panel in the debate or this NITWIT. Hey ABC let me give you a math lesson If I currently pay $450.00 dollars per month on health insurance not including copay or deductibles that equals $5400.00 per year. Lets use Bidens number of 4% and do the math. I make 18 bucks an hour that is roughly 37,440 a year 4% of that is $1,497.60. This is the math part you and all the media seem to not get $5400.00 minus $1,497.60 equals $3,902.40. That is how much I will save per year in medical expenses. Maybe you see now why someone would want a system like Bernie is proposing?

  3. the republicans dont give a dam how many middle class and poor people die because of health care they cant afford,,they only care about the top 1% paying no federal taxes to get donor money for their campaigns

  4. This is not necessarily the clip I really want to use to make my comment but because it's very recent I will…many, many people will watch this "after debate discussion."

    A Bernie Sanders presidency will build upon FDR's legacy but it will be better. Did you listen to all that he had to say?

    For all the christians out there who are having second thoughts because of Bernie's supposed "atheism" even though he has stated in the past that he isn't, I would like you all to consider this point. I'm not trying to be condescending or disrespectful in anyway, shape or form. I'm simply asking to consider the point made.

    What is God's moral law? I know that some christians don't even know what that is. God's moral law are the Ten Commandments. You can find them in the book of Exodus, chapter 20. I once heard this pastor say that when government starts to violate commandments 5-10, we the governed will be in trouble. I couldn't agree more. Why? First, the government's principle job is the protection of its citizens. Second, commandments 5-10 has to do with your duty to your fellow man. So when the government fulfills its principle duty, it fulfills commandments 5-10.

    Let's just say you feel Sen. Bernie Sanders is an atheist and as president he implements those substantive policies he's fought for for the middle and lower middle classes and the very poor. It will just go to show that atheists can have morals as well since it's borrowed from God (whether Bernie believes it or not). That's because we are made in the image of God which means we are to have the character of God. With that said, morality is something that is inherit in us all because it was meant to be understood (provided there's no mental retardation…no pun intended). Can you understand what Sen. Sanders is trying to do? Is he doing evil or is he fighting for a good thing for society?

    I know…what about commandments 1-4? Well, it has to do with our duty to God. God gives us free will. There's nothing we can do about the choices people make. No one in the universe should force you to believe in commandments 1-4. However, It doesn't mean you can't be lead to it…it's making a personal decision for Christ (Christ is both the great law and life Giver). People can only make that choice individually…in their hearts (and that's through the Word…upon the conviction of the Holy Spirit). If God gives us the freedom to decide, who is anybody to take it away? Please understand that I am not encouraging atheism here. I am only emphasizing the truth that we are "free to decide" because God wills it and we are to respect it. And at the same time, God also wills that everybody decides truthfully according to Scripture.

    If Sen. Sanders is fighting for something good in society, why wouldn't you separate "religion" (if you know what I mean by religion) from doing something good and solely allow God later on to make a judgment humans are not qualified to make? Judge Sanders for the good he is fighting for and not by "religion."

    Remember the speech Sen. Sanders gave four years ago at Liberty University? Wouldn't you say it was pretty bold of him to do so? He faced all those people. Right around 5: 30 into the speech he quotes Matthew 7: 12, Therefore, whatever you want men to do to you, do also to them, For this is the Law and the Prophets. Is not Sen. Sanders showing this without being "religious?"

    Here is a youtube video of his speech:

  5. I hate that people say "oh you're going to pay more in taxes." Yeah, I will be paying more in taxes, but I'll be able to go to the fucking doctor for all of the damn things I should really be going to the doctor for.

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