San Francisco Travel Tips: 11 Things to Know Before You Go

Things YOU need to know before YOU go to San Francisco in California. San Francisco is the 4th most populated city in California and has a population of …


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San Francisco Travel Tips: 11 Things to Know Before You Go

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  1. The time to visit San Francisco was 2 years ago or earlier. I live on the Bay Area Peninsula and will never return to SF (18miles north of my home) because I know what it has become. If you do not like seeing people defecate and urinate, shoot up and break into your car, SF is not the place to go. Even though they power wash the feces off the streets you still have the stain of it everywhere. You have to play hopscotch up Market Street to avoid stepping in a stain or fresh pile. The untreated human waste goes straight to Miramar Beach where the water and waves are the same color as dark espresso!!!!! The progressive government of SF has decriminalized public defecation and urination, shop lifting (if you look homeless), doing drugs even in other people's backyards or doorways, car break ins etc…. You WILL have someone try to get into your car and smash your windows in broad daylight in view of all, because they legally can. Even if police get reports of the homeless doing something vile to your private property, police will not respond. If you like having human waste all over you nice shoes, if you like the smell of feces and drugs, If you like stepping on used hypodermic needles, if you like having someone grab you by the necklace throw you to the ground and attack you come to SF. If you like taking BART to get around the city expect to walk through death, vomit, crap, pee, and the unbearable stench of the filthy homeless. BART shuts down to fix the elevators that break because they are clogged with human feces. The govt of SF doesn't care to fix the problem because its "everyone else's" problem. SF is banking on its old reputation as one of the most beautiful cities in the world; they are hoping you haven't seen the news, and have paid your $$$$ to come there. In other words, SF doesn't give a crap about your safety, your belongings, or your visit. I live near and sing in SF; and I have no reason anymore strong enough to ever venture back there again.

  2. I say as a person that has been born and raised here and still lives here and works here for The Outsiders I think you would want to bring at least two to three thousand dollars so you can at least walk away with a satisfaction of a good time and a memorable one

  3. Wow, that was great! You popped up and I was away on a trip down memory lane… have been to San Francisco 3 times, back in the 80's and 90's and it's a wonderful city, so much to see and do. I remember a great Christmas Shop on Pier 39, I still have tree decorations purchased there. I could make another trip all the way from Australia, just for the clam chowder and a crab melt!! Thank you….

  4. Lol…wear heavy shoes so your not stuck by a needle….keep your money in your bra…im from SF it's a 💩 hole now….don't forget it's sancuary so if your killed by an illegal, there's no justice for you!

  5. You commented about how good the Italian food is in S.F. The best Italian food I've had outside of Italy, was from your home town in San Diego.

  6. Living my whole life (26 yrs) in San Francisco, I can say your video is spot on! That was pretty fun viewing this from a tourist standpoint! If anyone has any questions like best muni routes, good & inexpensive places to eat, and hidden gems to check out, shoot a reply👍

  7. I grew up in the SF Bay Area . Nothing beats cheap food like a good burrito from the Mission district., or a hot fudge sundae from Ghirardellis. And yes, the City maybe hilly, but walking through the neighborhoods on a sunny late Sept , or early October day is tops!

  8. From a SF native and 30+ year resident, I would honestly not recommend most of what is in this video. Dolores Park, the Mission, Mount Davidson, Billy Goat Hill, Glen Canyon Park and then rent a scooter and ride up to Twin Peaks. Thank me later.

  9. Come on man, don't tell people to avoid the Tenderloin. If you are with others its fine. Especially during the day. It has the highest concentration of families in the city too.

  10. Good video. Learned new things about SF, even though I lived there, 1969-81. I've lived in the East Bay ever since; may have to BART back for a visit. Have you considered a video on the East Bay; there's a lot of interesting stuff in this, I think, often overlooked area.

  11. If you want to ride the cable cars, try the line that runs up California Ave. (from Market St.) to the top of Nob Hill. There are far fewer riders than the line that starts at Powell. At the top, have a cocktail at Top of the Mark at the Mark Hopkins Hotel and enjoy a panoramic view of the city/bay.

  12. Great videos Chris. Coming from UK for first time to West Coast USA (San Fran, LV & LA) later this year, so loving your vids. Thankyou.

  13. I’m a Bay Area native that happens to live in San Francisco. Your information was off about In N Out. Feel free to google the secret menu, what you see on the physical menu is not the only items they sell.

  14. Bring lots of money to eat out and to stay at a decent hotel – $20 plus for lunch and $300 plus for hotel. Lucky we live and work here thought.

  15. really you are the best ! I am going to San Francisco 2 weeks later and I already know where to go . what to do ! Thansk a lot . Also Could you make a video for Yosemite National park ? 🙂

  16. We visited SF in Sept. 2018. It was amazing and the video is very accurate 🙂 Also, I encourage you to visit Lisbon, Portugal. They call it he SF of Europe, or a fancier version of SF 🙂 We were there last weekend and it was very nice! You should do a video about Lisbon too, if you'll ever visit Europe/Portugal. Thanks & greetings from Poland.

  17. Went to San Francisco back in 2013 for a day while on a road trip and stayed at a decent hostel close to Fisherman's Wharf. The weather is pretty amazing in the middle of summer as mentioned – it was 50/60 degrees in the middle of August! I walked a good 4 miles around the Fisherman's Wharf area without a sweat and it was pretty cool seeing all the touristy stuff that's offered there. It's worth crossing the Golden Gate (very scary going over it in my opinion) and seeing the nearby Muir Woods (Redwoods!) that's basically right there. Can't wait to go back and see more of the city someday.

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