Reprogramming the Subconscious Mind after Narcissistic Parent Abuse 😞

Narcissistic parents cause incredible damage to their children. Narcissistic parents cause their children to feel stuck in anxiety, depression, and living in a state …


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Reprogramming the Subconscious Mind after Narcissistic Parent Abuse 😞

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  1. First off I want to tell you how beautiful you are and I can't believe your 5️⃣3️⃣, your skin is flawless and I need your tips😉. Second, thank you for taking the time to make this video for all of us trying to rise above the veil of consciousness. You have literally helped me change my life. I am finally for the first time in5️⃣4️⃣ years figuring out who I really am. Everything you say clicks with me and I appreciate you so much for sharing your life with us and helping us all truly be able to say to ourselves, I AM ENOUGH💯. Nameste Dear One❣️❣️❣️

  2. Thank you Lisa, I really struggle sometimes. Im 30 and Ive never been able to date and if I can't be in a relationship that I fear ending…I feel like Im going to be alone forever. I want to remove the part of me that wants it, soooo badly

  3. Lisa thank you so much for your videos. They have helped me to be more aware as a mother. I’ve learned to put the phone down and look my 4 year old in her eyes. I enjoy more now engage with her, but I am struggling with many life issues including co-dependency, addiction, depression, bi-polar disorder.

    My mother is in my life but is still using drugs, my father just got remarried to another woman although he is still married to my mom.

    I just can’t get out of this rut by myself. I want to live above the vail and be the light in which I want to see and feel in the world.

    Is there any advice you can give for someone like me?

    Thank you again and we love your work!

  4. I grew up with a Mother blaming my Father for being a gone days from being truck driver.

    Jealous of my sister for not being born with cleft lip and pallet.

    My sister hate me for getting all the attention . I was born of pre mature birth and cleft pallet and lip from genetic or second smoke.

    A lot of fighting during i was growing up . Fights about money, my surgeries, my sister bulling my sister bevause she got more friends, treated better im school, etc…

    So my Mother bullied my sister, then my sister bullied me.

    I got bullied by my sister, my Mother after my sister left home, then during growing i got bullied school.

    I bullied my self all through this . It continues in my twenty . I got bullied by co workers also.

    My Fathers told me to suck it up all my life.

    I got a nervous bring don't from balancing my incontinence as i was working with my past childhood bulling and toxic environment.

    Now my Mother attacks my Father by putting him down and yelling at him.

    That is why i have Fibromyalgia ,Arthritis , and autioimmune disease of Arthritis.

    I was using sex for a band aid. As a teen i spend all my hours listening to radio in my room to block out the pain.

    I just act like i was happy , but was not. My parents block , compress emotional body.

    Having sex with toxic people will make you sick. Their energies will mix with yours.

  5. Lisa you are just still the best and most amazing this was just at the right time all these stories also true for me and resignates so well going through my own healing hugging my inner child and knowing I can create all the great things I want to do in life without any of that crap holding me down staying above the Veil and you have been my light for so long now through this and helped me to turn my light 10 times brighter thank you thank you thank you all blessings and good things 2 you and your family and much love to all of us going through this struggle One loved and namaste

  6. OMG, the way you handled that verbally abusive person was incredible! Wow!! I really need to learn from you. You have such grace in how you handle things and I really appreciate your wisdom. I have more to say but I have to guard myself from my own trolls (AKA my family). So maybe I'll find you on Facebook where I've blocked them.

  7. Hello Lisa. I so appreciate you and your teachings! I'm on my way up and out of this dark hole I've been in for 54 years. I'm growing my wings. Much love to you Dear One. Namaste.

  8. Lisa, I listen to all you NPD therapists talking about abused adult children but I can't find anything about NPD children abusing their parents. I would really appreciate it if you could do a video on it.

  9. I loved my father..but he passed away. Fathers days were so easy breezy (in stark contrast to Mothers days) I miss him dearly…My mother on the other hand is the biggest narc. Your vids have helped me so so much. Everytime I get triggered and hurt by my mother's narc behavior towards me, I now see it as a game. A game that I am in control of how I want to react to. I have grown to know and honor my soul. I believe as much as we want our narc parents approval and love, we should KNOW that the real mother and father figure is the field of LOVE itself. Namaste. Thank you Lisa!

  10. June 17th is an interesting date for me in some ways.Anyway, as a child, I felt that I had a father that paid the bills but, I didn't have a father at all.I still love my father. He came from a hard life humself but, I still felt like I had no father in the human sense.He was miserable and insulting. I decided to not visit him a few years before he died. I guess you could say I was going no contact but, didn't know it at the time.
    Since then, 20 years later, I have been in a long rel. with a narc. Now, I am trying to heal after all those years. My parents were both gone before I realized what had happened and why I became married to a narc.

    Thanks Lisa. Always glad to hear from you.

  11. Nailed it at the point you just discussed: Socia media crap and dating apps feeding into isolation and separation. Needing to learn to connect with SELF and then learn to figure out who we can TRUST!!! Thats money right there Lisa. Thank you!!

  12. You still look great. You're very pretty and look very good for your age. You're very intelligent and caring too, so forget all those negative thoughts.

  13. Lisa I just want to thank you again for your wonderful videos! I don't believe in the Chakras but I do believe that God is love! God is glorious! I'm thankful that I know that God's love & mercy for all of his creation is real. He really does want the best for all of His creation. It's people who are flawed. We are atoms of God. Thank you again for your beautiful wonderful videos!

  14. Hi guys, can anyone explain please. I have been fighting my own codependency issues my whole life, although in the last ten years, I have taken a stand and I'm no longer willing to play that role. However, what I find from time to time, is i wish I could turn back time, because although I was codependent, I was happy with life. Hey I knew no different. I feel now, 'I'm above the veil of consciousness' no one cares and I'm totally alone.

  15. I'm grateful I watched this, I didnt call my father for Father's day bc we don't any other day he wasn't very active in my life growing up and I used to feel guilty bc we didn't have a good relationship but he was a poor father. Once my parents got divorced he just ran off, he was that guy that would call and tell us to get ready he was coming and wouldnt show up or call back smh. So I love him from a distance, he criticizes my lifestyle to my kids but they know to ignore what he says. Thank you Lisa, this channel has changed my life for the better 💕 Namesta

  16. My mother also put me down the same way. What I could never understand was that for one I inherited all of these perceived flaws from her and number 2 she wasn't attractive to me in the least bit, and number three who says those kinds of things to their own daughter?

  17. I'm so happy that you're here to help. When my parents were angry at me, I'd beg them to make up with me, telling them I was so sorry. But then they refused and I was banished to my room for hours. I was there alone in so much stress and anxiety. Now I'm in the same kinda relationship and this guy is so upset so fast. But I never break up with him, cause the loneliness is intolerable. And on the other side, he is also very sweet and rubs my feet, brings me tea, makes me breakfast, runs to the store for me. So I'm almost going crazy, cause I don't know what to do. Am I just crazy? Would i be crazy to let go of such a sweet guy who does anything for me when I just ask? I try every day not to give in to this feeling of trying to make up with him. Right now he is angry or so, (he never tells me, just withdraws affection) and I cannot just sit here and let him be. I HAVE to try and make up to him. I'm so sad that I cannot break this addiction. How to break this addiction?

  18. Thank you so much for making this video it helped me and I know it's helping many many others, sorry that you had to deal with a troll that was unhappy in their life thank you and continue to share the love namaste

  19. If ever there was an Angel in living flesh … it is you. Your "I Am Enough" meditation is fabulous. Never doubt who you are. You were instrumental to my healing. Thankyou. I do not know if I will meet you during this life, but I will one day. One day.

  20. You should absolutely“plug” your program, you’re offering nothing but amazing help, you’re doing an incredible work for so many people here on YouTube for free…don’t ever feel embarrassed for asking for your worth. People are here (at least most of them) because you’re helping them to end their suffering, I just hope you know you deserve everything you get in return and more!!! Thank you for being here for us especially on a day like Father’s Day….you’re supportive words make a HUGE difference! You’re not only gifted but generously sharing you’re gift with everyone in need! Not to mention that you’re drop dead gorgeous, looking better by the minute. Today you were glowing and it’s because you’re a beautiful person inside and out! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️

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