REALITIES OF TRAVEL | Koh Lanta to Phuket Ferry Thailand Travel Vlog

Today we take the ferry from Koh Lanta to Phuket and share the realities of travel, showing a bit more behind the scenes of… ✈ Our 220 page guide on how to …


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REALITIES OF TRAVEL | Koh Lanta to Phuket Ferry Thailand Travel Vlog

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  1. been to phuket a few times but only did the patong beach etc and gotta say it bored me death,cant wait to see what you have planned,will be buying your book later on tonight guys

  2. Grab bought out Uber in Thailand last year, they seem to be very popular over there now. The raw style video is great, no fluffing it up for the tourist trade. I love to just hire a scooter and explore, my standard comment to myself while riding along is “ I wonder where that road goes” so then I find out, its amazing what you find. Keep enjoying yourselves and passing on your great videos for us to be jealous of, cheers for Australia 😎👍

  3. Yes, it's better to be drunk on the rooftop instead of with other drunks…I'm just kidding…I've been to Patong Beach twice, but I don't like crowds, loud music, and people…6 weeks there and I was only on Bangla Rd. after dark twice…I'm in Siem Reap, Cambodia now and will head to Phuket in about 12 days… You have one of the best Youtube channels .. I really enjoy what you show the world…

  4. Just returned home from our Thailand holiday we had a beautiful villa in Phuket in the Bangtao beach area with private pool for 7 nights at an amazing price of $26 per night, just finished unpacking today and we can't wait to return we fell in love with Thailand and Phuket was just the antidote required after 9 awesome nights in Bangkok.👍🇦🇺

  5. THIS was entertaining. I enjoyed the more chatting and less with the music background. I think because it is "raw", it's more real, hence more enjoyable.

  6. Luv the videos. U have dodged a bullet with skipping Patong. If u guys do want to train check out Unit 27 in Chalong. Its on Soi Taed (fitness street) we have just spent three weeks on the street and luved it.

  7. Hey Guys, check out Old Town Phuket, you won't regret it, has a lot of history there.. If you go in the opposite direction from where you are, you will hit the Rawai area, well known for fresh seafood it is a must… You are in a great area, you just have to do a little googling. One more thing, check out Nai Harn area, but mainly the beach..

  8. What is there to do in Phuket? I found it noisy. Too many people on the beaches. I went to Koh Loc for a few days and enjoyed it. It's not too far from Phuket. Like your cosy apartment. Swimming pool is always the best. Lovin the videos😁

  9. So funny about the transport in the Southern beaches 😂 same thing happened to us and it ends up taking so much longer! They have to cram as many people on as possible 😂 Looks like you guys did Phuket better than us! We ended up in the seedy area and definitely aren’t hard core drinkers like we saw there 😅😅 Love the vlog as always!

  10. My roommate and I are in Patong! We just got back to our room moments ago after walking along the streets and beach with all the partiers. We were talking about how this isn't quite our scene, but luckily we are early risers so we have been getting to enjoy Patong in the morning and afternoon when it is much more tame.
    Before Patong we were just North in Kamala. It is a much smaller town and we really appreciated the more relaxed atmosphere in comparison. Sadly on our walk from Kamala to Patong we saw people riding elephants ☹
    We are intending to go to the same sactuary y'all went to once we make it up to Chiang Mai!
    We decided to see if we could find our inner yogis, so tomorrow we are heading to Ko Samui and Ko Phangan for a yoga retreat!
    As for the realities and logistical content, I think it is great to include more of it! The first week of our travels have been mostly about learning the logistics and I think it would be really helpful for other new travelers to be more aware of this learning curve!

  11. Great to see more behind the scenes. We've only been on the road for about 6 months, but the number of times that we've been told "Yes" when we later discover the answer should have been "No" has been countless!

    And many unexciting meals are had in our room that aren't "YouTube" worthy, that's for sure 😂

  12. We land in 26 days in Bangkok and we are buzzing! I watched this vlog on a bus with subtitles – will need to watch it again when I get home because the UK subtitles were making up words that didn’t even exist because of your accent 😂

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