Raila Odinga shocked after Governor Nanok lectured him on ODM politics

Raila Odinga shocked after Governor Nanok lectured him on ODM politics. #Kenya #KTNNews #KTNPrime SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel for more great …


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Raila Odinga shocked after Governor Nanok lectured him on ODM politics

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  1. ODM keep saying their votes are being stolen yet they're dropping key figures since the start, from Uhuru, Kalonzo, Mudavadi, William Ruto, Isaac Ruto, Sally Kosgey, Ababu Namwamba, Nyaga, Balala, Ngilu, Elliud Owalo, Bishop Margaret Wanjiru, Miguna Miguna, I'm forgetting this North Eastern Mp who was chair or judiciary committee, Adbikadir or Hassan? reasonable chunks of the Maasai and Kisii community, sahii Nanok… And with pride. Bacause you think your national appeal without local leaders will win you the national vote? Keep dreaming. Do you really think all these people will exit the party and your votes remain the same?

  2. The constitution we wrote in bomss was stolen at Naivasha and KILIFI by politicians who then selected 8 experts who gave us 2010 constitution they are now rejecting
    The bbi and punguza mzigo teams stole our constitution
    This time around they shall see the the third horse that .makes the peoples reality after bomas was stolen
    The handshake is how African resources like the oil in Turkana are planned ..these leaders are all un fortunately agents of foreigners
    The handshake allowed our vote to be stolen so west ( CIA) could hold one country together by force ….the HQ of western resource theft from Africa ..Nairobi Kenya
    The Turkana are the most untamed tribe who can fight the Kenya armed forces with ease…they are being being tamed as the oil is planned for
    The project will be foreign owned with few local share holders
    Miguna miguma wanted to free the vote so all issues are people driven
    They bundled him out in all illegalities we all saw
    None of the parties in bb I or punguza complained…. Miguna .miguna is where we should be not for presidency the most corrupt office of the land but for a free country owned by 42 tribes

  3. Hahahahaha raila wacha kudanganya wakenya, unasema punguza mzigo ni MTU alikaa kwa ofisi akatunga mambo pekee hiyo ni 100% lie. Umesema hujui signs million moja + zilitoka wapi, mbona iebc wakaziidhinisha?, kisha mbona zako wewe na okoa Kenya yako zikakataliwa na hukuenda kotini kama kawaida yako. BBI imeonesha wazi ni yako wacha wakenya wawe guru kujiamulia watakayo

  4. punguza mzigo initiative will benefit the same old political beneficiaries of Kenya… the challenges/ modalities to run all the merged counties will still be the same if not more.This will not reduce any previously felt expense or even reduce corruption. Kenya is just morphing into another system, the problems will still remain. and how come all this politricks of punguza mzigo came concurrently with the ruto threat (changing laws to tame competition, CBK doing the same to curb money laundering)? We need to have a more open minded approach devoid of tribe,political affiliation or even our at times,controlled media, conditioning and realise we have be changing things since independence but still getting deeper into problems, social economic instabilities, cultural ruin, unimaginable debt and more gluttonous leaders representing Kenyans in parliament. Just a personal thought. One love to all and May the All Mighty grant us all togetherness and a better future.

  5. when charity ngilu, william ruto and najib balala was divorcing raila and his ODM party , i never imagine this man called raila will have a chance to command the kenyan politics again. and here he is still commanding politics in kenya. believe me or not raila ana roho saba kama paka. at some point utamwona anaisha nguvu alafu badaye unampata ameziregesha tena. so the likes of josphat nanok wanafaa kujua wakitaka kumweza raila ni wasiendelee kumtaja taja kila mara. Ruto has been doing it for over ten years now na hajawahi kumaliza huyu mzee. Nanok does not need him again thats why anauwezo wa kuongea hivyo. hapa ni kama ruto alipata bibi aliyezalishwa na raila watoto wengi na sasa hana maana tena.

  6. Burning Bridges Raila and his goons Orengo, Junet, Mbathi and co should know that this is just the begining. We are not stupid anymore.🤔 Gov.Nanok is just the tip of the iceberg that sunk the mighty Titanic in all its glory.🙏 BBI is like the Titanic after this failed encounter there is only one thing left. Sink to depths of hell where you guys belong. 🤞Well done congratulations Gov Nanik history will show this is where the true liberation of Kenya began.💪🏾👍🏽✊

  7. Eti BBI shame, Kenyans are suffering wanataka wapunguze mzigo others wanamanga manga na kutuambia vile wataongeza mzigo ni aibu sana, sisi wakenya hatutatumiwa kutengenezea mtu kiti yenye itamfaidisha yeye na familia yake alafu ini nyanyase Mimi kama mlipa ushuru hiyo no

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