President Trump address the nation in State of the Union l SOTU Intro 2019

The president mentioned three D-Day veterans and former astronaut Buzz Aldrin, 50 years after the moon landing. Read the FULL transcript of President …


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President Trump address the nation in State of the Union l SOTU Intro 2019

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  1. We have to stop locking people up into a cycle of poverty. Reform HUD. Equalize and build affordable housing in decent, crime free neighborhoods. This country should not sequester residential areas for only certain segments of the population. If we are ALL Americans, then LIVE, ACT AND MAKE LAWS ACCORDING TO THIS CONVICTION.

  2. You know Dems scream",Trump is like Hitler" and he is RACIST yada yada and blah blah. If Trump was truly like Hitler then why are there still comments and video post attacking him on YouTube. If Trump is like Hitler then why are you not locked up in some rodent infested prison with Hillary Clinton. If Trump is like Hitler how come CNN and MSNBC are still broadcasting as I type this. I could go on and on with the comparisons that don't exist. The fact of the matter is just because you don't agree with a decision whether it be a wall or tax cuts doesn't make anyone like Hitler. The people who scream Trump is Hitler in reality don't have a fucking clue what true tyranny is. Posting a negative comment towards your country leader and 36 hours later your family finds you dead would be living in tyranny. Your acess to the internet is limited to sites ran by or about your country, everything you read tells you all the great things your people have because of your great leader while millions suffer in poverty dying of starvation. Millions are executed for religious or personal beliefs. Your aunt or mother is on trial because she made a harmless joke about your countries leader, her own child is responsible for the arrest because in school they are taught that anyone who speaks negative of there true leader is an enemy of the country, so the teacher makes it a point to report what the student has told her because she holds the value of her leader and country before anything else. So now the result of that harmless joke that may have even provided the little girl and her mother a smile together has cost the mother her life. That my friends is what living in Tyranny is truly like under the hand of a Hitler as so many did throughout the 1930s not even close to what Trump is. He does have egocentric personality and has set in place different laws but i suggest learning what true Tyranny and Nazism is before screaming it from the rooftops and looking like an idiot.

  3. Contact your Congressman and Senators. They swore an oath to uphold the
    Constitution. Article 1 is clear – Founders intended Government to be
    operated on a yearly basis. The Founders intended Congress to over-ride
    any Presidential Veto by providing for 2/3 majority vote to pass
    veto-proof legislation. As such, tell your Senators and Congressional
    Representative to send veto-proof Continuing Resolution ("CR") to keep
    government operating on a yearly basis. If this action was done just one
    time, all Presidents would learn there is no way to shut down the
    government as a negotiating tool. Government operations are supposed to
    be non-partisan. The Hatch Act prohibits government employees from
    political activity at work! The President, through the Office of
    Management & Budget {"OMB") and the Office of Personnel Management
    ("OPM"), is violating the Hatch Act when he directs the Executive Branch
    to take political partisan action – shutting down the government to
    teach everyone a political lesson – involving government operations.
    And, the President is violating the Fair Labor Standards Act ("FLSA")
    and the 13th Amendment, when he compels work without pay (compensation).
    And, Congress and the Supreme Court are both complicit in these crimes!
    Congress because they failed to pass veto-proof CR to keep government
    open and the Supreme Court because they are allowing Executive Branch to
    compel work with pay – Court should issue Order prohibiting employees
    from working without pay – which would mean a REAL shutdown. Get
    involved. Send the President and Congress a message – stop the shutdowns
    because they are unlawful!!!

  4. Countries who can complete : Germany, China, Russia, the United kingdom iceland, and greenland all out rank the USA in one way or another trump has also pushed trical down economics witch we know does not work and thats all he has done so I say let us work on breaking down monopalys get read of super delegates increase spending on schools. We also need to stop lobiest groups form influencing are government.

  5. Yes go Trump! I love how amazing our country is, so many new jobs, perhaps I can work three jobs now, and barely make ends meet! I really hope mr trump continues tax cuts for the wealthy, surely they will raise my wages and then the economy will flourish!! ………. 🤣

  6. Lol it’s almost like these feminists and leftists don’t know they’re holding America back from greatness. It’s a good thing you’re all wearing white though. Everybody will be able to see all the BS seeping through.

  7. That is disgusting that the Democrats didn't stayed seated when President Trump called for them to choose greatness. So what do they want to choose mediocracy? By the looks of it that is what they want, mediocracy .

  8. USA DEMOCRACY is GREATEST because members DEBATE & SPEAK their mind FREELY FOR THE BEST WITH WITHOUT SUPPRESSION as in dictatorship & COMMUNIST countries. Thank you for your strengths to BUILD your prosperity. GREATESNESS is absolutely. GREAT PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP & LIBERTY.

  9. also a better view at 4:06 above the left shoulder of both men…Id bet they picked that out very quick…swastica's have been around forever and usually mean good thing's but hitler adopted it and today it's taboo…except…

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