Poll: Muslims Actually HATE ISIS

A new poll reveals that the vast majority of muslims throughout the world have an unfavorable opinion of ISIS. Ana Kasparian (The Point), John Iadarola (Think …


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Poll: Muslims Actually HATE ISIS

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  1. Oh, are you going to say what else Muslims tend to believe according to that same Pew study? Like how the overwhelming majority of Muslims believe homosexuals and apostates should be punished by death? Nice cherry picking.

  2. Your polls and research are vois because the taquiya and general lies mualims must say as a minority drags the polls into a variable facts nightmare. They must lie. Right to your face. Tyt are pussyfooting because saudi funds their propaganda and cenks family are muslim. Bias sucks ay tyt. Get off utube you fat fucks. At least alex jones is american. It kinda shines through. In my view us was best country on earth until 911. sure the nation lies. But understand that the calcilus of power left no option. Because the role of an empire is to sieze power keep it and expand the sphere of influance wherever possible. Kudos to mighty us for playing the life game so well. Shame it might crash in my life time. But its inevitable when tyt abuses free speech to apologise for islam and shit on the country that has allowed prosperity to be bestowed upon these corrupters. Best of all though is they think when they have succeeded they have an exit. Oh no thats very short sighted. I see there end being unpleasant. And at the hands of islam. Oh the irony is so awful. But you reap what you sow and you sown islam. Ohh dear ill see you in your self constructed hell hole before long. Only jesus can save you. Because you will destroy what you hide behind now. Stars and stripes you seem to hate cant shield you if you burn it down.

  3. How can you have faith in surveys conducted among people who are instructed to lie if it helps their cause?

    What percentage of those surveyed are willing to lie in the name of Islam I wonder?

    You can't rely on these statistics because Muslims are pathological liars.

  4. Hey Ana… You being SUCH a brilliant girl, opening our very ignorant eyes to the wisdom of your deep, independent thinking… Are you planning on spending your next holidays in KABUL, already?… Cause let me tell you… You'll have tons of fun. 😉

  5. Can someone answer me how the poll proves anything? The enemy ISN'T ISIS. It is Muslim extremism. How about they make a useful poll and ask how many muslims support sharia, or jihad, or other unpleasant things? I will bet my entire life that the results will be not nearly as comforting.

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